San Diego to get a Christian theme park?


Holy (fill in your own word). According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, televangelist Morris Cerullo wants to build a Christian-themed resort in Mission Valley.

Morris Cerullo to build theme park

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Located on the site of a foreclosed hotel that the 84-year-old Cerullo purchased years ago, the proposed $125 million theme park, called the Legacy International Center, would include:

• Subterranean catacombs harking back to Ancient Rome

• A 20-foot replica of Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall

• A Biblical museum

• A high tech 330-person seat theater with sensory effects (ie: mist during the parting of the Red Sea)

• A market square representing cultures from around the world.

The proposed Christian theme park would also include 127 time-share apartments, a spa and fitness center and the new headquarters of the Morris Cerullo World Evangelism.

Hoping to draw 400,000 annual visitors, the project is still in need of funding and City Council approval, but the ministry hopes to have it built by early 2018.

Ambitious. I wonder if the facility can include a new stadium for the Chargers?

Source: DiscoverSD