San Diego responds to Snowmageddon ’15


As our friends back East get pounded by heavy snow and blizzard conditions, here in San Diego, we rub it in their frozen faces.

Call it cruel, or call it bragging rights earned from the high cost of living -- either way, we are proud of our city (and its amazing flipping climate).

San Diego winter wonderland

No sign of blizzard in San Diego but I will keep looking @DeepImpactDepo @jonnnygreen - Charles F. King (@CfkJr) January 25, 2015

Winter storm Juno hits San Diego. - D (@Poolside_25) January 27, 2015

8:04AM, Winter Storm 2015 - San Diego, CA - Curt Chan (@Curt_Chan) January 27, 2015

NOW: Winter storm 2015, San Diego style... rain hits Escondido - Sabrina Wolman (@sabrinawolman) January 26, 2015

Blizzard on the East Coast.. Meanwhile in San Diego - Haley Alise Swanson (@HaleyAlise) January 27, 2015

Cheers to sunshine and cocktails while theres a blizzard back home on Cape Cod! #SanDiego #margaritasbynoon - DawnRoche (@SanDiegoGal72) January 27, 2015

The northeastern blizzard as seen from San Diego! - LaMar Brown (@LaMarBrown) January 27, 2015

#BLIZZARDof2015 San Diego sun blizzard taken yesterday - Jim Grant (@SDjimgrant) January 26, 2015

Source: DiscoverSD