San Diego rad dads: Yuseff Cherney, Ballast Point


Note: This is the first in a series of five “Rad dad” stories that will run on leading up to Father’s Day.

Parenting is no easy feat. As a father of two daughters, I have a firsthand understanding of what it means to be stressed, tired and filled with worry. How do I save for college and pay the rent? Anna wants what for her birthday? No, you can’t have cookies for dinner! It never ends.

The people who were selected to be part of this article come from some very different backgrounds. They live their lives to the beat of a different drum and have all found ways to be successful in their chosen fields, all while never letting their parenting duties slip. Some travel as much as 30 percent of the year or more and have had to find creative ways to stay checked in to the family unit. So this Father’s Day, give your dad a big hug and, if you’re new to the parenting game, take some notes from five of the raddest dads in San Diego.

The Brewer: Yuseff Cherney

COO, and Head Brewer/Distiller at Ballast Point Brewery.

Kids: Riley, 9; Fisher, 13; Gwyn, 13; and adopted son William, 12

Yuseff Cherney has been a busy man these past 18 years. Over that time he and his partners have developed San Diego’s favorite craft beer brand, Ballast Point. As COO and Head Brewer/Distiller, Cherney oversees all beer production and is also responsible for quite a few gold medal-winning beers. So how does a guy build a successful business and still find time to be a good father to his large family? There’s not one easy answer, but judging from his answers to my questions, listening is key. Also, hanging out together as a family is paramount. Whether it’s fishing, archery or just getting out in a park, he makes time to do it as a family.

Tune in and turn it off

Being present is very important and Cherney hears it when he’s not in the moment after work. “Taking note of when my kids say, ‘Dad, you’re always on your phone or computer,’ and actually doing something about it,” Cherney says of how he makes family a priority. When he gets that request, he knows he needs to unplug.

He also makes sure to take the family on a real vacation that focuses on quality time together. Cherney and his wife Ingrid (who is originally from Austria) take their four kids to Europe once a year to recharge and create lasting memories. Cherney also enjoys sharing his love of creating beer. He often takes the kids to the brewery and lets them see what he does on a daily basis. I don’t know about you, but that’s a rad dad in my book.

Pro dad tip: “Dads and their kids: Put the phones down and physically and mentally interact. That will keep the bond there, even when you can’t be there. Also, don’t forget that the family needs some parental time, and making a point to reconnect as adults is also an important thing to help children understand for the well-being of the marriage.”

The Brewer: Yuseff Cherney

The Skateboarder: Chris Cole

The Businessman: John Pani

The Surfer: Joel Tudor

The Musician: Matt Hensley

Source: DiscoverSD