San Diego rad dads: John Pani, businessman


Note: This is the third in a series of five “rad dad” stories that will run on leading up to Father’s Day.

The Businessman: John Pani

Owner of Waypoint Public, Hotel Vyvant and the newly opened restaurant, Park & Rec.

Kids: Eliana, 8; Carlo, 6; and Andres, 4

Exchanging emails with John Pani was a treat. He’s prompt, friendly and he got me what I needed fast. You can tell he’s a man who knows how to manage his time and business. I asked Pani about what the challenges are with trying to run a successful business and being a father to three small children. “I get pretty focused on my projects, so there are periods when I really have to force myself to carve out time to spend with my children,” Pani says. “During those times, I find small windows of opportunity when I can make them part of my day.”

Get outside

There comes a time when you have to call a day over and get down to the business of creating memories. “We all really enjoy Balboa Park and the San Diego Zoo, and the kids have been riding the carousel and the Balboa Park Miniature Railroad since they were babies, so that area of the park is always a fun place for us to play together.” That’s one of the things that came up with every dad profiled in this series. Making the time is the key to success, whether in business or family, and Pani is excelling at both.

Pro dad tip: “This last spring, when I knew I was going to be really busy with a work project, I signed up to coach my boys’ baseball team. It was a good way for me to guarantee some time with my boys.”

Rad dads

Parenting is no easy feat. So this Father’s Day, give your dad a big hug and, if you’re new to the parenting game, take some notes from five of the coolest dads in San Diego.

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The Businessman: John Pani

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Source: DiscoverSD