San Diego rad dads: Chris Cole, skateboarder


Note: This is the second in a series of five “Rad dad” stories that will run on leading up to Father’s Day.

The Skateboarder: Chris Cole

Professional skateboarder, who competes in the Street League of Skateboarding, and is considered one of the best street skateboarders in the world today.

Kids: Wyatt, 9; Penny, 5

Chris Cole, covered in tattoos and facial hair, looks like an imposing figure until you spend a few minutes talking with him and you see that he is a loving and devoted family man; two character traits that don’t seem to fit the public’s perception of skateboarders. Finding the balance of being a hero to millions of skateboarders worldwide and a hero to your family are two entirely different things.

Make the time

Cole can’t be everywhere and everything to everyone, and he has found that for him, family comes first. “I take the last flight out and the first flight home, no matter how exhausting that is,” he says. “I’ll drive three hours to a skate demo, and instead of waiting for traffic to die down I’ll take it head-on to get home to my family. Even if it’s only one hour more than if I had waited. That’s one hour the kids wouldn’t have had with me.” It’s that type of commitment that lets his wife and kids know that they are the priority. They know work is important and that’s how they can afford the things they have, but they also see a man who can’t wait to share time with them more than any of the millions of fans around the world.

Pro dad tip: “Time is ticking away and you have a chance at making the memories that will last, right now. Even if you come home quick and just snuggle your small children on the couch. They want you. Actually, they need you.”

Rad dads

Parenting is no easy feat. So this Father’s Day, give your dad a big hug and, if you’re new to the parenting game, take some notes from five of the coolest dads in San Diego.

The Brewer: Yuseff Cherney

The Skateboarder: Chris Cole

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The Surfer: Joel Tudor

The Musician: Matt Hensley

Source: DiscoverSD