San Diego apparent home to drug tunnel

/ Alejandro Tamayo

Well, it’s not the first time San Diego has been in the news for drug tunnels leading to Mexico. The latest drug smuggling tunnel was found in Otay Mesa on Tuesday afternoon, complete with ventilation, lighting and an elevator. Yes, an elevator.

The tunnel spanned from San Diego to Mexico, starting in a pallet yard. Authorities had noticed suspicious activity at the yard relating to a dumpster. The dumpster was transported across San Diego to a different location to be unloaded into a new vehicle. That vehicle was then stopped by authorities who seized 12,000 pounds of drugs inside.

2,242 pounds of cocaine and 14,000 pounds of marijuana were seized during the rest of the investigation. This drug tunnel was the third of it’s kind found since March, although none quite as extensive in design. So, next time you see a dumpster at a pallet yard, don’t be so sure it’s just a dumpster full of trash... #tunnelbust

Source: DiscoverSD