Quest for Purrfection

Inclined to accessorize with a purebred Bichon Frisee? Fancy the thought of a hybrid Savannah cat prowling the domestic wilds of your apartment?

If you are unable to ?nd your dream pet at a community shelter, contact the American Kennel Club or The International Cat Association for a referral to a reputable breeder.

Linda Michaels, a mobile dog behavioral consultant covering North Coastal San Diego and Rancho Santa Fe, recommends that those pursuing pets of a certain pedigree visit both the dam (female parent) facilities and the kennel grounds to ensure that they are clean, all the animals are well-treated and the adult animals don’t display fearfulness or aggression. “Be patient, too,” says Michaels, “as a good breeder will not release an animal until seven weeks of age and will also limit the number of litters in a year.”

Michaels also advises against buying mail-order puppies online: “You want to be able to verify the breeding protocols, and that you will receive a healthy puppy."-CLK