Quartyard in East Village on its way out?


Say it ain’t so. The beloved (and busy) Quartyard in East Village is officially on the market to become a 34-story residential development.

The once vacant lot was transformed in 2014 in a public-private partnership with the City of San Diego. They made it into a unique, 25,000 square-foot outdoor space that is commonly frequented by locals and those visiting the East Village neighborhood. Quartyard currently functions as a community venue on Market Street complete with a dog park, live entertainment, food and drinks. Quartyard is open to the public seven days a week.

In an online petition on, ran by San Diegan Vince Vasquez, locals ask the City of San Diego to help them keep Quartyard as is. Vasquez explains:

“Quartyard was designed, financed, and built by the community for the community. Quartyard staff held workshops and engaged downtown residents for public input. Hundreds of community residents raised $60,000 to pay for Quartyard’s initial expenses and city fees through a Kickstarter campaign, reaching their goal in only 30 days.

Quartyard’s utilization of sustainable and innovative design offers locals and visitors alike a unique outdoors experience unlike any currently available. It provides important community functions that are unlikely to be replaced if nothing changes.

Losing Quartyard will negatively impact not only downtown residents and visitors, but also local businesses. Through programming and product sales, Quartyard has supported more than 40 local craft breweries, 35 food trucks, and more than 70 additional local businesses. Between tenants and food trucks, Quartyard generates more than $3 million in sales each year, creating sales tax revenue for the City of San Diego.”

What do you think? Should the San Diego City Council and San Diego Planning Commission consider keeping Quartyard?

Source: DiscoverSD