Pro tips to declutter your small kitchen

Living in a small space can sometimes be an organizing nightmare. And keeping your kitchen clean and clutter-free is always a challenge: small countertops, limited cabinet space and no pantry. Where do you put all that stuff? Professional organizer Jessica Williams offers a few creative tips on keeping your tiny kitchen in order.

Start with the big picture: Organize your kitchen into zones so items are easier to find. Some of your zones might include food prep, serving ware, food storage, coffee station, baking and a command central for things such as mail.

Purge (then purge again): Get rid of expired spices and canned goods, ingredients you rarely use, unmatched storage container lids and tops and gadgets you don’t even know the purpose of. And be honest with yourself - how many coffee cups does one person actually need? Never hold onto something because of guilt about who gave it to you or how much it costs.

Maximize existing shelf space: Add wire racks in cabinets to double up your storage area or adjust the height of the shelves so they better accommodate the items you own. Use tiered stacking racks so you can see canned goods and spices in the back of a deep cabinet. And be sure to put seldom-used items up high so they don’t take up valuable real estate within arm’s reach.

Go vertical! Use small shelves, racks, peg boards, hooks and magnets to get the most out of your unused vertical space on walls, inside cabinet doors or on the back of a kitchen door.

Make better use of dead space: An over-the-sink shelf stores sponges, lotion or a small plant. A small tension rod under the sink allows you to hang cleaning supplies or rolls of garbage bags. A rack mounted on the inside of the under-the-sink cabinet is perfect for storing wraps such as aluminum foil.

Shop for space-saving items: Nesting mixing bowls, ultra-thin cutting boards and drawer trays or dividers help tame that jumbled mess in the junk drawer.

Bonus tip: Never again arrive at the grocery store without your shopping list. Create and share grocery lists on family organizing apps such as Cozi.

Jessica Williams is a professional organizer and Golden Circle Member of the National Association of Professional Organizers. She can be reached at or at

Source: Discover SD