Philip Rivers celebrates with Domino’s Pizza

“Philip Rivers, you just signed a four-year, $85 million deal... What are you going to do?”

If you answered “I’m going to Domino’s!” you’d be correct.

While addressing his monster deal during a press conference, Rivers admitted to celebrating like a college freshman -- by ordering a pizza from Domino’s.

In classic form, the pizza chain responded by tweeting:

Domino’s Pizza Tweets Philip Rivers

Great topping combo, Philip. Wanna come work for us in like 4 years? - Domino’s Pizza (@dominos) August 18, 2015

To which the Chargers responded via Twitter:

Chargers respond

@dominos Hold up ?. Philip is under contract for FIVE more years. - San Diego #Chargers (@Chargers) August 18, 2015

Oh, and what does the elite franchise QB get on his pizza? Pepperoni, jalapenos and black olives.

Pass the TUMS.

Rivers Celebrates Contract Extension with Domino’s

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Rivers Celebrate Contract Extension with Domino’s Best way to celebrate a 4-year contract extension? For Philip Rivers, it’s by grabbing a Source: DiscoverSD