Passion for color drives top local San Diego designer

Jennifer Guerin, principal of JG Color Studio, has been passionate and in tune with color application and interior design as long as she can remember.

Growing up in Michigan, Guerin was often found drawing, coloring, creating her own wallpaper, redecorating her room or pursuing other creative endeavors.

At 18, she left for fashion school in Florida, but insects and unpalatable color schemes caused her to leave nearly as quickly as she arrived. Instead, she headed to San Diego and has never looked back.

Over the years, Guerin worked in fashion, then marketing. Eventually, her artist perspective led her to color and design; first with her own high-end painting company and now, her own color and design consulting firm. While always sensitive to color, it was her experience on a season of HGTV’s “Design Star” that solidified her path as a top color consultant and interior designer.

Guerin studied at the only school offering certified color education, where she received training that she describes as having more than two to three times the color education most design students receive. She is now one of only a limited number of certified color consultants in the United States

“For a color geek, I really enjoyed it,” said Guerin of the rigorous workshops and exercises that helped her understand color more scientifically.

Guerin’s work goes beyond simply giving any customer the cool, currently trendy color.

“As a color consultant, I am like a mediator, making sure you get the correct tones and hues,” said Guerin. “I make sure everything matches your design goals as well as your personality and even the psychology of the setting.”

Guerin’s work combines the understanding of design logistics with the psychology and personality of color.

“If your colors are wrong, you can actually put people off, especially in the business or commercial setting,” she said.

While color is Guerin’s niche, she is also well versed in interior design. She can capably handle both residential and commercial applications from the broadest visionary overview to the smallest of specific details.

According to Guerin, color consideration in the commercial setting is critical for any type of business and can contribute to a business’s branding.

Her contributions to local businesses have been notable. She found her experience giving Brian’s 24 a facelift to be both fun and challenging, given the 24/7 nature of the business. The design and color recommendations she provided not only needed to work well at different times of the day but also needed to stand up to the wear and tear of morning, noon and night business traffic of the Gaslamp Quarter restaurant. Guerin has also enjoyed unique opportunities supporting other artists with their businesses, such as re-doing Guru Tattoo. She designed exterior color palettes as well as the lobby and rooms for several budget travel hotel chains. Next up, Guerin will begin work on Tony Robbins’ offices in San Diego.

Guerin sees her unique ability to contribute to both interior and exterior aesthetics as part and parcel of the job and believes her abilities are bolstered by her inherent understanding of design and color.

“It’s all part of one entity,” she said. “I can help you choose colors that fit your personality and work for your space and what you need.”

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Source: DiscoverSD