Meet the premier builder behind your favorite restaurants


Retail, hospitality and restaurant patrons in several of San Diego’s newest and most notable hotspots have found their experiences especially enjoyable thanks to the work of Jaime Partners, San Diego’s premier building/construction management service provider.

Alfredo Jaime, one of the firm’s co-founders and partners, said his company takes pride in helping San Diego area businesses visualize and then achieve their projects.

“As a builder and not just a contractor, we have a higher role: the ability to see a project through from start to finish,” he said.

Fabulous finished projects are the hallmark defining Jaime Partners. Projects that Jaime Partners have brought to fruition to the great benefit of the customers who patronize them include Duty Free City, the soon-to-open Bracero Cocina de Raiz, the recently opened Holsem Coffee in North Park and Searsucker in downtown.

Some of the growing construction management firm’s projects have been singled out for praise from a variety of outlets. When asked about some of his personal favorite projects, Jaime listed Herringbone in La Jolla because of the creativity Jaime Partners employed in creating this setting with indoor trees for a unique atmosphere.

He also is proud of Jaime Partners’ work on Puesto in the Headquarters. “We are humbled to be able to put our hands on a marquis property and be a part of giving it new life,” Jaime said. “To work inside a space like the old police station is complicated but rewarding.”

Kettner Exchange, a Jaime Partner’s build nestled in the heart of Little Italy, has been praised for stunning architecture, design and decor. The firm takes special pride in such restaurant and hospitality builds because of the added complications they may have. Jaime noted his company is well versed in the paperwork and bureaucracy of a building project that can intimidate owners.

“Anything that requires imagination and vision, we say yes to,” Jaime said. “We want to be a true partner and carry out a client’s vision.”

According to Jaime, the firm’s hospitality construction business is rising steadily thanks to referrals by satisfied clients. Now, Jaime Partners is excited to expand what it’s learned creating beautifully functional space in the food and beverage industry to benefit the public sector and government builds as well as corporate offices and retail. The firm is ready to translate a prospective vision into reality for a range of businesses.

The ability to imagine and to play with elements inspires the designers at Jaime Partners. Designers also take cues from San Diego itself, ensuring projects fit well in their communities. Plus, their ability to communicate concepts and translate visions to architects and engineers allows designers to see fanciful projects to fruition.

Jaime Partners welcomes inquiries from chefs, business owners or anyone who has a dream they want to build. Jaime, who notes that hospitality construction is a true process, recommends visiting the company website to get a scope of the company’s work but not to skip reaching out personally.

“Direct and personal contact is important to us,” he said. “We’re open to talk about realizing your dream.”

Learn more about Jaime Partners at, or call (619) 269-1320 to discuss a project.

Source: DiscoverSD