Let’s talk about golf, baby


In 2016, I’ve resolved to be a more authentic me, so let’s start with this little honest anecdote.

Last year, I attended the Farmers Insurance Open with a raging hangover and a glaring scowl at the following, typically wonderful things, that I could not appreciate in my mental state: The shining sun, my chatty boyfriend dragging me from hole to hole, the courteous clapping of people, etc. All of this felt awful. And all of it was all my own fault.

This year will be different. Here’s why.

This year, I’ve made it 28 days (at the time of this publishing) without a sip of alcohol, a drinking detox that I so badly needed after the holidays. For the judging eyes out there, this is not an easy feat when your job involves media tastings and your social life is packed with birthdays, baby showers and happy hours. So this year at the Farmers Insurance Open, I eagerly await a green dreamland where I’ll be able to actually admire all that comes with the four-day Farmers Insurance Open and the beauty that is Torrey Pines Golf Course, sans headache.

My appreciation and love of golf has grown substantially since last year’s tournament, too. The Balboa Park Golf Course witnessed my first feeble attempts at teeing off this year (see photo evidence provided) and to my absolute surprise, I adored every second of the sport.

Golf, as it turns out, no matter how terrible you are, is a beautiful game to play. I’m talking aesthetically here. Every course I’ve set foot on is stunning, from San Diego’s own Coronado green up to Rancho Bernardo. I’m pretty envious of the people who play this regularly, soaking up a healthy dose of outdoor serenity that we all could use more of.

This week on DiscoverSD, we have a glossary of golf terminology which I still so badly need, an overview of some of the fun parties and celebrations at Farmers (page 17), plus a spotlight on some of the hottest players to watch at this year’s tournament (page 18).

Take your clubs beyond the mini golf course and thank me later. FORE!

Source: DiscoverSD