Kickass Entrepreneur: Terryl Gavre


Some women have it all, and others can do it all. Terryl Gavre is the latter. She’s a single mother, successful restaurateur and incredible entrepreneur. She refuses to take no for an answer, and that attitude paved the way to her success. It all began when Gavre lived in Seattle and started a small business in her 20s called The Surrogate Wife. The start-up company offered shopping, baking and cooking, and other domestic errands for Seattle’s wealthiest bachelors. Her business garnered so much attention that she later wrote a screenplay that became a made-for-TV movie.

In 1992, Gavre decided to take the money she made from her movie and move to San Diego where she opened her first restaurant, Cafe 222. With the success of the popular breakfast and lunch spot, Gavre further expanded and opened up Bankers Hill Bar + Restaurant in 2010. Her newest venture is Bake Sale Bakery, which opened in East Village in 2014.

Q: If you could have a special power what would it be and why?

A: The power to stop time. Things are so good, and life is so sweet right now, that I just want everything to “freeze.”

Q: CEO or company you admire and why?

A: I really admire Oprah Winfrey. She has worked hard and taken charge of her career path. She created her own company, which owns her brand and her creative content; talk about being in control of your destiny. She inspires women to do their best and be their best. She is a great philanthropist.

Q: Favorite dish on one of your menus?

A: Everyone would know I am lying if I said anything other than the BH Burger at Bankers Hill Bar + Restaurant. I try everything new that we put on the menu of course, but once I’ve tried the new items, I always order our burger mid-rare with truffle fries and extra truffle-mayo.

Q: Best part about doing business in San Diego?

A: The best part about doing business in San Diego is definitely that you can seat guests out on the patio most of the year due to our beautiful weather. We are also a great tourist destination which keeps all of the restaurants busy all year long.

Q: As a working mother and entrepreneur, what words of advice do you have to give to other women?

A: My advice to any woman who wants to open her own business is to take charge of your own destiny; don’t wait for someone to hand anything to you. The best time to do it is now; put your head down and get it done; don’t take no for an answer; and keep on keeping-on as they say. You want to have kids, have your kids. Everything is about scheduling and surrounding yourself with good people. Whoever said, “you can’t have it all” was wrong.

Q: Motto you live by?

A: Live life every day like it was my last. Have no regrets.

Q: Song that best represents your life?

A: That’s too easy: “Hard Headed Woman” by Cat Stevens. Anyone looking for a hard headed woman (who will make you do your best), you know where to find me.

Source: DiscoverSD