Kickass entrepreneur: Studio Simic


Sometimes you can find your soulmate and your future business partner in a college class. That’s exactly what happened to Dara and Srdjan Simic back in 2000 while attending an art class at SDSU. After design school, multiple internships and working at other firms, they decided to take the risk and start their own business and in 2010 Studio Simic was born.

Studio Simic focuses on interior design of residential and commercial spaces, as well as industrial design, in both furniture and retail products. They are in North Park and are proud of the very cool live/work space they have created that includes a showroom for customers. A recent project that you may recognize is Table No. 10 in East Village. What it comes down to is Studio Simic helps clients by ridding them of unnecessary clutter and getting down to the basic needs of form and function.

Q: What are some of your favorite projects that you have worked on here in San Diego?

Dara: Downtown residential loft project for an out-of-state client for their San Diego vacation home.

Srdjan: Glass shaft elevator in The Pinnacle.

Q: If you were a superhero who would it be and why?

Dara: Mary Poppins because she is kind, fun, righteous, all while being very efficient.

Srdjan: I’m not a big sci-fi buff, so I’m not sure ... Probably Batman. He is one of few superheroes that possesses no inherit supernatural powers, but rather relies on industrial design to give him an edge over his foes.

Q: Any design shows or websites that you both obsess over?

Dara:, “House Hunters International,” “Treehouse Masters,” and “You Live in What?”

Srdjan: Core77, “How It’s Made,” “Ultimate Factories,” “You Live in What?”

Q: Best part about doing business in San Diego?

Dara: The lovely neighborhoods and the nice people ... for the most part.

Srdjan: It’s large enough to offer a variety of potential clients and projects, yet not overbearing.

Q: Advice for couples who are thinking about starting a business together?

Dara: When both of you agree, it means it’s the right answer, if one is on the fence, look for a better alternative.

Srdjan: Just like in many other types of relationships: You have to compromise, and accept the fact that you are not always right. There always might be a better way of doing something.

Q: Describe your perfect day in San Diego.

Dara: Watching our son play in a tennis tournament at Morley Field, walking through Balboa Park, eating in Hillcrest, hanging out in North Park

Srdjan: Do something creative, have a moment or two to myself to clear my thoughts, play tennis with my son, eat good food.

Source: DiscoverSD