How does San Diego rank for football fans?


Despite the dismal performance of the Chargers and the ongoing stadium drama, San Diego was named one of the top 50 cities in the United States for football fans.

Wallethub, the personal finance website, analyzed 245 of the largest U.S. cities with at least one professional and/or college football team to determine the 2016 “Best & Worst Cities for Football Fans” list.

Source: WalletHub
Utilizing 18 key metrics, “Teams & Performance” and “Costs & Fan Engagement” played the most significant role in the survey.

San Diego placed 35th. Not horrible, but below San Francisco, Denver and Kansas City.

With a total of 34.06 points and a team performance ranking of 16, what really brought San Diego down was “Costs & Fan Engagement.” Additionally, San Diego was recognized as having one of the “Least Accessible NFL Stadiums.”

Not only on a professional level, but San Diego also appeared on the “Least Friendly & Engaged College Football Fans” list.

C’mon San Diego, we can do better.

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Source: DiscoverSD