Fun ways to reduce water use in San Diego

Conserve water, shower together. (/

Earlier this week the governor of California ordered mandatory water reductions, the first in the state’s history. This got us thinking. What are some simple ways in which we can save water and help make sure San Diego doesn’t run out.

1) Drink more beer. Yes, we know, beer is made from water, and there is so much good beer in San Diego. But during this time of crisis, why not expand your beverage horizons and drink some beer that’s made from the water of states that aren’t experiencing extreme droughts. For example, get a six-pack of Dogfish Head brewed in Delaware or any number of delicious brews from Rogue from our neighbors to the north, Oregon.

2) Don’t shower alone. Show someone - and your entire state - you really care by helping them lather up. The average person uses about 50 gallons of water in a 10 minute shower, so by doubling up in the bath, you’re really making a big impact.

3) If it’s yellow, let it mellow. Yes, this one is pretty gross and if you’re working with one of those annoying automatic flushing toilets, this won’t work, but with the average person using the toilet between 2-6 times per day and using approximately 2 gallons each time, well, you do the math. The other option is peeing in the shower, but if you’re not showering alone, we don’t really recommend that.

4) Re-wear, re-wear, re-wear. Wearing your jeans one time before throwing it in the laundry is totally not worth it. That beer you spilled on Friday night will just give your jeans a more “rustic” look. People pay a lot of money for designer jeans that look worn and dirty. Just think of it as a trendsetting move that also saves water.

Tell us your water saving suggestions in the comments below.

Source: DiscoverSD