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By Tony Lovitt
Photography by John Mireles
Shot on location at Point Loma Sports Club,
Styling by Andrea Ross and Simone Perloff
Hair by Maegan Cooper, A Robert Cromeans Salon
Makeup by Ann Degischer, A Robert Cromeans Salon
Photographer’s Assistant: Zach Bolinger

Paige Hathaway is a body in motion. And, as Sir Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion reminds us, a body in motion will tend to remain in motion unless acted on by an outside force. But it’s hard to imagine any outside force that could possibly slow the momentum of the dynamic and personable Hathaway, a self-described fitness entrepreneur and motivator. Hathaway, 27, began what she calls her “fitness journey” only about three years ago. In that short span, she has vaulted to prominence in the health and fitness industry. Along with doing media interviews and appearing on the covers of various fitness publications, she’s also the face of Shredz and travels extensively to promote the company’s line of dietary supplements.

“The problem with me is I just want to do it all. You know, fitness and getting healthy really changed my life, and I’m very passionate about it. So, I just want to do so much and really touch a lot of people,” says Hathaway, who estimates that her eye-popping photographs alone have attracted about five million followers across the spectrum of social media.

Do It Rite Fitness in Oklahoma City was the improbable launching pad for Hathaway’s meteoric rise in the fitness industry, which began when Scott Do, a personal trainer and the proprietor of the small, private studio, first approached her.

“He said he would train me for free, and that sounded like a spectacular deal because I was working three jobs just to pay rent,” Hathaway says. “I just fell in love with the gym, and it kind of became like my outlet from my struggles in life.”

Hathaway’s struggles included a life divided between her impoverished mother in a singlewide trailer in tiny Madelia, Minnesota, and her father, an Army veteran, in Mustang, Oklahoma. She was emancipated from her parents at age 16 and subsequently earned a high school diploma online.

The 5-foot-6 Hathaway weighed just 100 pounds before starting her workout regimen. She’s now a healthy and toned 130 pounds.

“I work out five days a week,” she says. “I like to do highintensity workouts where I’m not in the gym for very long. I’m only there for about an hour, but don’t take a lot of rest in between my exercises.”

Hathaway recently started a dietary program called “If It Fits Your Macros.”

“You count the macronutrients you put in your body, so that your count is the number of proteins, carbs, fats and also fibers,” she says. “I check those numbers every day using a tracker app on my iPhone. So I can basically eat whatever I want - healthy, obviously - but you just have to hit those numbers.”

Helping others to live a healthy lifestyle is a primary focus for Hathaway. She preaches her fitness gospel via personal appearances, on radio talk shows, in specialty magazines and on her website ( A dedicated YouTube channel is in the works, as well, she says.

“I also have an online training program so that I can work with clients one-on-one,” she says. “And I also have a subscription website [$5 monthly], which is really neat because I wanted to make it very, very inexpensive so that anyone could sign up.”

Due to her hard work and perseverance, the future is shaping up nicely for Paige Hathaway.

“You know, I got turned down a lot trying to make it in the fitness world, but I never gave up,” she says. If [one thing] didn’t work, I’d try something else. And sooner or later, doors just started opening, and here I am today.”