Photos: Arlene Ibarra | Model: Vanessa Balli

Whether inspiration comes from New Year’s resolutions or wanting to get back into that favorite pair of skinny jeans, it’s (always) a great time to get off the couch and get in shape. Plus, the slight chill in the air adds to the fun-factor of getting your workout on and, of course, dressing the part.

I don’t know what it is about new workout clothes - like finding the right pair of cropped leggings, the ones that aren’t going to reveal you’re wearing a thong when you bend over - that motivates me to be more active, but any excuse to buy new clothes, I’m all for it.

Whether hitting the trails at Torrey Pines, finding balance at a yoga class or working out at home, it’s important to look and feel good in workout clothes. The wrong fabric, fit or size can ruin the experience and, worse, might lead to skipping future workouts. So instead of worrying about your clothes riding up or falling off during your morning spin class, keep these simple tips in mind:

  • Invest in comfortable and stylish clothes.
  • Cotton is nice but completely wrong for working out - it will weigh you down and stick to your skin.
  • Look for fabrics with moisture-wicking material that will give you the right amount of ventilation. They may cost a little more than your average tee, but they’re worth the price and will last through many workouts and washes. Same goes for socks, sports bras and jackets.
  • When it comes to fit, shy away from anything too tight that could end up irritating your skin or make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Try venturing away from the basic black leggings and go for that bold pop of color instead. Doing so may elevate your mood and make you want actually want to get out and move. Coordinate the rest of your look with like colors.
  • Add a puffy vest for your early morning run, and accessorize with a weatherproof nylon bag that’s easy to clean.
  • Find pieces that flatter your body so you can hit the gym, yoga or streets in style and feel confident.

Whether you’re a fitness junkie or finally ready to start getting in shape, it all starts with the perfect workout gear.

Gearing Up

What the funk?
The rise of personal activity-tracking devices has led to the need for stylish ways to conceal said devices (#firstworldproblems). Enter Funktional Wearables, a San Diego-based company that sells cute jewelry and accessories to camouflage FitBits, Apple watches and other popular fitness. Add funk to your fitness at

Süga Yoga Mats ($79)
There’s nothing more Encinitas than Süga, a local company that manufactures yoga mats made from recycled wetsuits, which are otherwise non-biodegradable, environment-ruining, landfill-clogging nightmares. Now, earth-conscious yogis can do a downward-facing dog and ride a wave of change without leaving the ground.