FAQ: How to deal with rain in San Diego

Rainwater builds up at a traffic circle in San Diego's Bird Rock neighborhood. (Peggy Peattie/U-T)
(Peggy Peattie / San Diego Union-Tribune)

When the weather is somewhat frightful (and your friends on the East Coast are quietly rolling their eyes at your Facebook “weather” status updates), you must be a San Diegan. If there’s one thing that our city loves, it’s complaining about a spell of bad weather and sharing any/every photo of a big ol’ puddle to our social media.

Since there seems to be some confusion as to how to deal with these sorts of weather conditions, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions from San Diegans during the winter.

Q: What do I do when it rains?

A: Act natural. This is water falling from the sky, and it is good for us. Resume all daily activities and drive with caution.

Q: So you’re saying that I still have to leave my house and... drive?!

A: Yes.

Q: But... How do I drive with water everywhere?

A: Avoid the big puddles. Turn on your headlights with your windshield wipers. Leave a little more distance between cars than usual, and do not tailgate. Try not to cut people off because you are panicking. Turn on some Adele and just keep rolling.

Q: I drive a Lamborghini. Does it also function as a boat?

A: No. Whether you own a Lamborghini, a Jeep, a Mini Cooper or a massive SUV, you should not drive through flooded streets that nearly consume your car. If you do, you will become a viral sensation and thousands of people will laugh in bewilderment.

Q: Should I take pictures of funny things I see while driving through the flood zones?

A: No. Put your phone away and leave the reporting to the reporters.

Q: And you’re sure I can drive?

A: Yes! You got this! Go slow, and look up the streets that might be closed before you head out.

Q: I’m used to going to the beach any day I want. What am I supposed to do now?

A: There’s still so much you can do in San Diego! Head to a museum, play games at Coin-Op Game Room, go to the movies, visit a brewery, take a spa day or just cozy up for some Netflix time. In fact, we wrote a whole guide about it here.

Q: I miss summer.

A: Us too. But hey, remember those heatwaves we’ve dealt with? Ugh, so much sweat. It’s a big deal to get H2O in this drought, so let’s continue to appreciate what we have.

Source: DiscoverSD