Del Mar bans the plastic bag

Like its neighbors to the north, Del Mar is the latest city to ban the use of plastic bags. In 2012, Solana Beach became the first city in San Diego to ban the bags, followed by Encinitas in 2014.

On Tuesday, the Del Mar City Council voted unanimously to approve a ban that would give markets and restaurants one year to phase out plastic bags, while giving retail shops six months.

In response to the ban, Roger Kube of said, “The facts are clear: plastic bag bans work to protect our beaches, our oceans and our marine life - it’s time to set an example for the rest of San Diego County.”

If you are looking for tips on how to live a plastic-free life, check out singer/songwriter Jack Johnson’s All At Once website.

Promoting sustainable local food systems and plastic-free initiatives, suggestions include packing waste-free lunches and ordering drinks sans straws.

We can do this, San Diego.

Source: DiscoverSD