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Practical Recovery, A New PATH and SMART Recovery are working together to prevent opiate-overdose-related deaths and are holding a training class Monday, Aug. 10, on opiate-overdose prevention and response training using Naloxone.

Naloxone is a drug that can reverse an opiate overdose and has the potential to save lives. The drug is available for users and their loved ones to have on hand.

During the training, attendees will be instructed on how to properly use Naloxone to treat an opiate overdose.

“Recovery from addiction is possible. In fact, most people do recover, but it can take time,” said Dr. Tom Horvath, a leader in the progressive treatment of addictive disorders and the founder of Practical Recovery, based in La Jolla.

“Naloxone is a way to help keep someone alive long enough for the recovery process to get strong enough so that change actually happens,” he said.

Opiate-overdose-related deaths exceeded the number of automobile-accident deaths in 2009, and the number keeps rising.

“Naloxone is one of a number of steps we can take to reduce these deaths,” Horvath said.

Anyone can purchase Naloxone, but there are training requirements. It is administered as an injection or as a nasal spray.

An overdose doesn’t happen instantly, and symptoms can happen over a matter of hours, even though taking the drug only takes seconds. Signs of an overdose can include intoxication, pupils contracting, nodding off and slurred speech.

If the person is still conscious, Horvath recommends you keep him or her moving and reach out for help. If Naloxone is available, it should be used in case of a suspected overdose.

Anyone can attend the training. Opiate users and their loved ones are encouraged to attend.

The training will be held at the SMART Recovery meeting space, located at 8322 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., Suite 114, in San Diego. The training begins at 5:30 p.m., and a discussion will follow. RSVPs can be sent to

Practical Recovery opened in San Diego 30 years ago and provides comprehensive addiction treatment with a self-empowering non-12 step approach. Practical solutions are implemented to suit each individual’s recovery needs.

The staff at Practical Recovery knows what it takes for successful recovery and helps instill self-control, a sense of purpose, solid problem-solving, emotional management skills, good health habits, participating in productive activities and developing meaningful relationships.

Practical Recovery has grown to 40 employees and now has five locations. For more information about Practical Recovery, visit or call 800-977-6110.

Practical Recovery is at 8950 Villa La Jolla Drive, Suite B214, in La Jolla.

Source: DiscoverSD