At Coachella, bathrooms are the real deal

New bathrooms at Coachella. (/ Source: Twitter)

You know it’s a big deal when people on social media are talking about it: At Coachella this year, Goldenvoice unveiled permanent real bathrooms.

On Twitter, @whenidance tweeted: “I would like to thank God, and also Jesus, for the actual bathrooms at Coachella that only 1% of attendees seems to know about &/or use.”

The stats: 324 stalls, 18,489 square feet.

This year, anywhere from 60 to 75 staffers will suit up in blue T-shirts, strap on radios and sunscreen and head out to work the new bathrooms.

The three concrete buildings - one for men and two for women - can be found along the southern end of the grassy Empire Polo Club grounds.

Staff members are positioned at the entrances to the three restrooms to guide patrons in and out of the facilities and make sure women and men don’t walk into the wrong restrooms. The flushing commodes, toilet paper and real sinks attract lines of people around the clock.

“We had to shut them down for about 15 minutes,” said restroom attendant manager Kenny Lopez when the facilities were experiencing technical difficulties on Friday. “And even that was too long. People were not happy about waiting for them to open again.”

Lopez has worked at Coachella for three years now, and while security is a focus, creating an environment where safety and guest experience reign supreme is more of a priority.

“We’re really more about creating guest relations,” Lopez said. “Helping them out, guiding them to the right facilities.”

In terms of reaction, Lopez said the facilities have been received well.

“It’s been nothing but positive,” Lopez said.

@GerrickKennedy echoed the sentiment: “Glory hallelujah, there are permanent bathrooms this year at @Coachella.”

Real bathrooms at Coachella!?!

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