Any Given Funday

Photography by Jeff “Turbo” Corrigan
Fashion Director, Stylist: Amanda Thorne-Pritchard
Hair, makeup: Chelsea Gonzalez
Model: Lucia Ordoñez
Fashion assistant: Jessica Hoerth

Certain Sunday-savvy San Diegans love to take a dip. Others are too cool for pool. But the sharpest-dressed from both sides of the water agree: knowing what to wear, and where, can be the difference between making a splash and being all-wet. Sharing her sense of what’s right, what’s bright and how to turn it on for night, finest city stylist Amanda Thorne offers pointers to consider before diving into pool parties this sizzling season. Regardless of attire, poolside cocktails keep things fluid - just don’t drink the water.

Rock Star

By Day...
She loves a party with music and wants her clothes to show she’s ready to rock ‘n’ roll. Never a wallflower, she’s bold, sometimes a little bossy, and wishes there were something brighter than neon. The belly chain and white stilettos are just in case you missed her.

By Night...

When the sun goes down, it’s time to catch the spotlight, so she wears a metallic, sequined, bold-pattern dress over her bikini. Rockin’ the rock star earrings saves time and helps keeps the neon clutch uncluttered. The statement chain necklace, luscious red lips and big hair keep the attention coming.

By the way...
Rock Star girl can name 50 of DJ Mag’s hot 100 DJs and will definitely be dancing by the stage when the headliner starts spinning. She chases tequila shots with vodka/Red Bulls by the pool. LOCATION: Hard Rock Hotel San Diego, Gaslamp


By Day...
She’s a trendsetter who isn’t afraid to take risks, even by the pool. She’s feminine without being too girly. Mixing patterns and colors is key. Denim swimsuit bottoms and a pink-bow top add the right amount of edge without looking like she’s trying too hard. her tiger necklace and bracelets show her quirky side.

By Night...
Wearing her glasses at night shows she’s not afraid to be taken more seriously. Adding a tribal print skirt, her boyfriend’s jean shirt and funky heels (that are sooo comfortable) reveal not only her love of fashion, but also that she’s not a slave to it.

By the way...
Hipster girl cares about fashion, but probably doesn’t want you to know it. She drinks Mint Juleps and the occasional craft beer by the pool. LOCATION: Lafayette Hotel, University Heights


By Day...
She wants to look put-together and gorgeous and isn’t afraid to show she’s trying. She’ll rock big hair and full makeup by the pool, because she has a hot date later and wants to look fierce all day. her choice of a black one-piece suit tells the world that she’s all class; the cut-outs say she’s got a youthful edge.

By Night...
She likes expensive things and will wear her amazing gold tassel necklace by the pool and out to dinner. After dark, she swaps her Swarovski sandals for black booties with a big heel. her form-fitted bandage skirt and chiffon-and- suede vest complete the late-night look.

By the way...

Socialite girl doesn’t care who’s gossiping - she’s seen it all on Real Housewives of somewhere. She fights free radicals by ordering expensive bottled water between dirty martinis by the pool. LOCATION: Hotel La Jolla, La Jolla Shores

Evening Where?

How to keep it cool, long after the pool

Have fun with accessories. Don’t be afraid to liven up your look and show your personality with a hot heel, handbag or statement necklace.

Wear a hat if you have crazy pool or beach hair.

Break some rules. Add a bold lip and eye for night. Dim lights let you be braver than you would dare during the day.

Show off your sassy swimsuit by wearing a vest instead of a shirt that covers you completely.

Wear a print if your suit is a solid color (and vice versa) to add more interest to your look.

Wear flip-flops or beach sandals out at night. Bars and nightclubs might not let you in.

Wear a traditional beach cover-up. The idea is to look put-together.

Be afraid to wear a form-fitted skirt instead of the traditional Maxi.

Wear something see-through. Seeing your entire suit is not cute. Make sure your dress or skirt is at least partially lined.

Over-complicate your look. Make the transition easy with a few key pieces: great shoes, an amazing necklace or earrings and a hot handbag.

Style guru Amanda Thorne owns Thorne Artistry, a mobile styling company based in San Diego, and has been a student and lover of fashion her entire life. Her work has been showcased on fashion editorial pages of numerous local and national publications, but here at PacificSD, we like to think she’s all ours.

Model Behaviour

Q&A with pool party poser Lucia Ordon?ez

Age: 23
% Mexican: 50
% Gringo: 25
% Other (please specify): German, 25%

How’s your Spanish? Good, I actually didn’t learn English ‘til I was about 4 or 5.

What’s your favorite saying in Spanish? I don’t think I’m allowed to say it here.

What’s the best thing about living in San Diego? Being close to the water. I love to surf, scuba and kayak.

What sucks about this town? The water gets crowded.

Where’s your favorite pool party? Me and my fiancé breaking into my neighbor’s hot tub.