Anthony’s is out; Brigantine is in


Oh no! Where are you going to take your visiting great-grandparents now that Anthony’s is closing?

The San Diego Port Commission voted Tuesday to boot the iconic fish house from its waterfront location and replace it with a new, sexier Brigantine with better dock appeal.

The Brig - planning to invest $13 million into the project - claims it will renovate the pier by building a two-story structure with multiple restaurants and a public viewing deck on the top floor.

“We’re very excited,” Mike Morton Jr., chief executive of Brigantine told San Diego Union-Tribune. “We want to activate the waterfront.”

Anthony’s, on the other hand, can’t be too excited about the decision. Here’s one of the last tweets sent from its Twitter account:

Anthony’s Fish Grotto

Let the Port know you support and want to keep Anthony’s Fish Grotto on the waterfront. Send comments to: - Anthonys Fish Grotto (@GoFishAnthonys) June 22, 2015

Anthony’s Fish Grotto has been at its current location since the end of World War II. Once the lease expires on Jan. 31, 2017, the family will continue to run its Anthony’s restaurant in La Mesa.

Source: DiscoverSD