New adventures

While it was no easy decision, adventure, in the end, led me to say “yes” to a new offer.


In an editor’s letter I penned in December 2017, I talked about the best gift one can receive: adventure — something I still wholeheartedly stand behind.

Recently, my life has been chock full of adventure. Some of that adventure was gifted to me — a few days in the fresh mountain air of South Lake Tahoe — and some of that adventure was earned by a lot of hard work and persistence — my role here at PACIFIC.

To date, being editor-in-chief at this magazine has been one of the greatest adventures of my life. When I managed to get up from behind my desk, I was able to meet so many amazing people in the community. Over the past two years, I have celebrated with them at new openings, rocked out at concerts together, danced like nobody’s watching, worked on a buzz at local coffee shops alongside them and shed a tear over the loss of longstanding businesses in town, not to mention having the honor of being among some pretty badass women, too.

Then came along an extremely adventurous week in June at a particularly adventurous crossroad in my life. On June 8, I experienced the wedding of my dreams to an incredible man surrounded by close friends and family at my childhood home, which was then followed by those aforementioned glorious days in the outdoors at Lake Tahoe. And, as if that wasn’t adventurous enough, on the drive up to my nuptials in Northern California, I was offered a new job.

And, while it was no easy decision, adventure, in the end, led me to say “yes” to that offer. So, after a 14-year career with PACIFIC’s parent company, The San Diego Union-Tribune, including two years as editor-in-chief of this magazine, I say farewell to you, our loyal community of readers along with a host of amazing people that over the years I have come to call my work family.

In my absence, I ask this of you: Prove to whomever takes this seat in the future that PACIFIC’s mission of Life’s Cool is alive and well by continuing to pick up the magazine and scanning the pages for inspiration for your next great adventure.

Thank you,

Leslie Hackett