Selection Season


Whether the upcoming election puts the first female president in the White House or puts women who’ve accused the POTUS of groping them at risk of being sued, this magazine seeks to Make America Taste Great Again, serving the people a plan for what to eat during the next administration’s first 100 days.

As America’s Finest citizens prepare to cast their ballots, dozens of the city’s top chefs have already made their decisions.
This 10th annual dining issue of PacificSD celebrates the right to choose from an incredible array of cuisine. While the “Chain of Gourmand” challenges chefs to cite their colleagues’ contributions to society, “The Latest Dish” empowers them to campaign for their own culinary offerings, stimulating the local economy with $2,500 in restaurant gift certificates.

As we hold our collective breath, early polls show it may soon be legal for Californians to get high for fun without having to go to Colorado. (They also show we’ve never been closer to having a stripper pole in the Oval Office, be it Bill’s or Donald’s.) Whichever side of your toast you elect to butter, dear reader, may your fork be to the left, your knife to the right, and your plate full of whatever you choose.

And don’t forget to tip your restaurant owner. When minimum wage hits $15 an hour, it will take a village to help keep them being able to serve us.

¡Buen apetito!



David Perloff, Editor-in-Chief