Recounting dating tales


I love hearing about people’s dating stories. It’s amazing the insanity people go through in the name of finding love.

The many stories I have heard (and, admittedly, shared myself) are both hilarious and appalling.

I had a friend who went out with a guy who snapped his fingers and loudly shouted “respect” throughout dinner at an intimate, quiet restaurant. Another guy told a friend that he’d like to drink her breast milk, should she ever get pregnant.

I cannot make this stuff up.

But it’s not just stories that women tell each other over dirty martinis at happy hour. Men have horrid tales too, I’m sure. The ones I’ve heard have mostly been about women not looking exactly like their profile pictures or being too high maintenance. Oh, the horrors.

Me? Well, a guy once broke up with me via a thank-you card from Trader Joe’s — sent through the mail (and he lived a 15-minute drive away). Probably my favorite story to tell: A guy I hit it off with at a bar put his very expensive watch on my wrist and, after leaving me on the dance floor to go to the bathroom, proceeded to walk out the front door, hand-in-hand (and right past me), with another woman.

Yes, it’s rough out there. But, when these crappy experiences lead you to a great match, isn’t it all worth it? It’s just an added bonus that the tortuous path leaves you with ridiculous stories to recount for years to come.

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Happy dating, San Diego.


Leslie Hackett


“Don’t make obscene sexual remarks within seconds of meeting. Don’t send unsolicited photos of your genitals … Don’t make a date with dozens of people and then ditch some when someone better comes along.” — Sexologist Dr. Jill McDevitt’s advice for people who are playing the dating game in San Diego (Area of Sexpertise)