Oh, Cheese Us! I Don’t Believe it.


By David Perloff, Editor-In-Chief

God-fearing and non-believing zealots alike are using our Finest City highways and byways to spread their mental seeds. Case in point: this billboard, which went up along Martin Luther King Jr. freeway (Route 94) in Lemon Grove at the end of January, was paid for, in part, by the San Diego Coalition of Reason.

As it states on the organization’s website, “We are committed to a more compassionate world; we are working for a more reasonable citizenry and a higher level of discourse...”

Actual “more reasonable citizenry” would have posted a clearer message. The technicolor books on the billboard are lifting a shroud to reveal a similar scene in the background, only with more grass? Maybe it’s a weed ad. Or maybe some of the books are bibles? I’m confused.

Also helping foot the $4,000 bill for the billboard is American Atheists, who are having their annual national convention in Austin, Texas, March 28-31. The slogan for the event: Celebrating 50 Years of Reason!

I wonder if they’ll be praying for nice weather.

You can bet the guys with the “Jesus Christ is Lord, not a swear word” trucks (parked adjacent to Interstate 8 between Ocean Beach and Old Town) will be doing a rain dance.

Perhaps we can all agree on this: whether or not there is a discernible higher power, we’re living in heaven on Earth. The skies are blue, the people are chill, and the grass is green (and mostly legal). And for less than five grand (way less if you buy a page in the city’s most popular magazine), you can share your beliefs with the entire county and not be persecuted for it. Except maybe by me.

There’s no place like home.