Editor’s Note - Monkey Business


What a wild ride 2015 turned out to be. Gay marriage became plain ol’ “marriage,” building a wall became Mexico’s next big project, Bruce became Caitlin, Star Wars became a marketing tool for everything from food to toothbrushes to toilet

paper, Kimye became the proud parents of Saint West, “Miss Colombia” became the dumbest thing Steve Harvey ever said, El Nin?o became serious business, and “She got schlonged” became Donald Trump’s quote of the year.

To start 2016 with a bang, this issue of PacificSD presents a variety of new beginnings. Expand your horizons with a visit to any of San Diego’s 15 sister cities in “Separated at Perth” (page 58); learn why a former NFL star quit football and changed his life in “Jacob’s Latter” (page 68); and see what happens when repeat blind dater Lindsay meets a new guy in her sexy sequel, “Ice to Meet You, Two” (page 106).

After paying Uber $275 to take me home during surge pricing on New Year’s Eve, there’s no turning back. The Year of the Monkey, 2016 marks the beginning PacificSD’s 10th year in print, and we’re looking ahead - to more thrills from the Kardashian Kamp (if you have an iPhone, check how it autocorrects “Lardass”), to the proliferation of lawyers specializing in gay divorce, to Trump thinking El Nin?o is a Mexican kid who should probably be deported.

(Having said, in October, “Man, we could use a big fat dose of global warming,” Trump’s apparently not worried about the rising tides reaching his New York penthouse.)

Despite the political nonsense, we’re actually going to elect
a new President this year. So, nationally, we’re kinda effed. On the local front, however, things continue looking up. Excellent new restaurants and bars are opening all over town, the city’s cultural offerings are expanding, and there’s snow in the local mountains - so much, in fact, that the spring thaw may result in fewer draught problems this year. I wonder which politician will take credit for that.

Happy Year of the Monkey. It’s a good time to go bananas.


David Perloff, Editor-in-Chief