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PACIFIC is going green

Bush of cannabis

Recreational cannabis sales became legal in San Diego on Jan. 1, 2018.

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It’s hard to miss the marijuana leaf on the cover this month. PACIFIC has had cannabis on its cover before (see December 2016’s Tokin’ Santa), but this time it’s different: Legal recreational cannabis has arrived in San Diego.

And now, like the city of San Diego has done, PACIFIC is going all in.

january 2018 cover

PACIFIC magazine cover, January 2018.

tokin santa

Cover of PACIFIC magazine, December 2016.


In November, PACIFIC’s new website launched with the addition of a new content category: Eat | Drink | Puff. This recreational catchall now includes a page dedicated to cannabis.

The legalization of cannabis in San Diego is going to create a lot of buzz — the kind of buzz a lifestyle and entertainment magazine editor lives for.

As with anything new, there are bound to be questions. Can anyone purchase marijuana now? Can you toke in public? How do you avoid getting too high from eating edibles? Find answers to these questions and so much more in FAQ: Buying recreational marijuana in San Diego.

Gone are the days where the only images of pot smokers were ’70s hippies or the stoners portrayed in such movies as Half Baked or Fast Times at Ridgemont High (which is based on San Diego’s Clairemont High School class of ’79, in case you didn’t know).


Today’s cannabis culture includes new faces, like Marie Daniels (see A Case of the Munchies), who has been working with local chefs to create multi-course cannabis dinners aimed at getting diners just high enough to enhance the food and dining experience.

In this new era, the grass is also greener on the other side of the bar, as you can now set foot in an uber-chic restaurant in San Diego, order a cannabis cocktail (read about Mr. Nice Guy), and then brag about it (without fear of arrest) on social media.

In January, whether you pick up your first ounce or your 500th, or if you still aren’t sure tokin’ is your jam, venture into this new world with PACIFIC. If you still have questions, don’t hold your breath (but maybe don’t rush to exhale). Instead, send me an email, and I’ll put my team on the case.

It’s time to turn over a new leaf on the world of cannabis.


Leslie Signature

Leslie Hackett


“It’s not the Cheech and Chong era anymore.” — Marie Tahan Daniels, A Case of the Munchies


marie tahan daniels

Marie Tahan Daniels, host of Behind Closed Doors Supper Club, a quarterly pop-up cannabis dinner that has featured local chefs from around San Diego.

(Howard Lipin/The San Diego-Union-Tribune)
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