Editor’s Note


I love you, too.
I love you to:

Make me laugh.
Make me breakfast.

Keep my Valentines.
Keep me warm.

Stay out late.
Stay the course.

Hold my hand.
Hold us together.

Look so beautiful.
Look at me like I’m crazy.

Change the sheets.
Change your mind.

Have three-ways with me and your hot Brazilian friends.
Have those three-ways actually involve strollers and other husbands.

Work hard, play hard.
Give me a hard time.

Tie my tie.
Tie one on.

Smell like roses.
Stop to smell the roses.

Be yourself.
Be mine.

My wife is my life.
Our son is our sun.
We won... we are one.
I love you, Bubu.

Please enjoy this SEX/LOVE/WHATEVER issue of PacificSD. I hope, Dear Reader, that it helps get you (and/or me) laid.


David Perloff, Editor-in-Chief