If the shoe fits

Female footwear on white background

Female footwear on white background

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It’s fitting that I am writing this letter for the September issue of PACIFIC magazine, which focuses on fashion and beauty, because this month I am stepping into some new shoes.

I have dreamt of slipping into a pair of beautiful, over-the-top stilettos that would probably set me back a whole paycheck (I have Sex and the City and Devil Wears Prada to thank for that) and make me stand more than 6 feet tall behind my desk. Since the beginning of my journalism career, I have pictured myself wearing those shoes to my job as editor-in-chief. Now, it’s my turn to put them on and break them in.

But, being an editor-in-chief is so much more than wearing fancy shoes to work. It starts with having to step into someone else’s shoes. While I do love a new pair of shoes (just ask the man who “shares” my walk-in closet), I understand that the ones that I am stepping into will never fit me the way they have fit PACIFIC’s parting* Editor-in-Chief David Perloff for the past 10 years.

David is leaving behind a big pair of shoes to fill, but I am ready to put them on and navigate — with the help of an amazing staff — the path of creating magazines and online content that prove to you, dear readers, that Life’s Cool in San Diego.


Leslie Hackett

*David Perloff has been editor-in-chief and publisher of PACIFIC since founding the company in 2007. He will continue to be publisher of PACIFIC while also developing new audiences and entertainment brands for The San Diego Union-Tribune.


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