For the thrill of it


I’ve always been a jumpy person. Loud noises make me flinch, I cover my eyes during scary movies and I won’t even tell you about what happens when someone sneaks up on me.

As a child, the “cannons” going off on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland sent shivers down my spine. I’ll watch shows like American Horror Story, but only during the day or with someone else in the room. With that said, however, you couldn’t pay me to sit in a dark movie theater and watch films like It (creepy clowns are the worst!) or Happy Death Day (which was released in October and is like a horror version of Groundhog Day).

Fear is a fascinating thing, though.

The exhilaration that manifests with these kinds of terror is curious and, dare I say, even a bit addicting — and none more so for me than in the scariest of months, October.

In this month’s magazine, we explore the haunting of San Diego (see story here). Those ghost stories that exist about spirits who can’t seem to move on from various locations around the county. Did you know San Diego has the “most haunted house in America”?

There are numerous year-round tours that will take you around to some of the most haunted places in San Diego. And whether you believe in ghosts or not, the history that surrounds these stories is still fascinating.

And if taking a ghost tour isn’t frightening enough, during October there are numerous Halloween scare zones where people get paid to scare the pants off of you (see a roundup here). Amazingly, I have paid for these experiences before; I wasn’t lying when I said the exhilaration of fear can be addicting.

Don’t believe me? Just head downtown to the Haunted Hotel where you never know what corner this month’s PACIFIC cover model, Jackie, will be lurking behind, ready to prove my theory.

Happy haunting, San Diego.


PACIFIC: October 2017