Dance like nobody’s watching


We could all use a lesson out of the Ellen DeGeneres playbook — be kind to people, stand up for what you believe in, love animals and, maybe most importantly, never forget to dance.

So, rather than fill this space with lots of words, I’m going try something a little different this month.

I want you to spend the time it normally would have taken you to read my editor’s letter and, instead, honor Ellen and her visit to San Diego by busting a move. I don’t care where you are or who you’re with, just dance. I mean, REALLY dance. The kind of dancing you do only when you think nobody’s watching.

Are you doing it?

Come on, I dare you.

I promise that no matter what kind of day you’re having, it will only make it better.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in work, FOMO, politics, religion — shall I go on? — that we forget to take a moment to have pure, unadulterated, silly fun. And I can’t think of one instance where having that kind of fun didn’t make me feel instantly happier.

So to Ellen, I say “thank you” for reminding us that we’re never too young, too old or too busy to just dance. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to to read more about Ellen and her stand-up stop coming in mid-August, here.


Leslie Hackett