Ticket to Glide


Meet the players...

JENNA (from Mammoth, lives in La Jolla):
I’m the events and marketing manager for McFarlane Promotions, the premier event planning company in San Diego. I love to do anything outside-running, hiking, wake-sur?ng, yoga and I recently got back into snowboarding. Generally, I’m down to do anything as long as I’m with a good group of friends. I also don’t mind spending a day shopping if it’s necessary.

ERIC (from Massachusetts, lives in Mission Beach):
I work for a medical device company, training breast surgeons-oncologists and radiologists, not plastic surgeons-how to use the medical equipment our company provides. I’m very spontaneous, always up for trying something new or exciting. I travel as much as I can. I just got back from Southeast Asia in August, and I’ll be leaving for Israel and Egypt in a couple days.

Jenna and Eric met 30 minutes ago in the limousine that has just delivered them to Torrey Pines Gliderport near UCSD. As they sign accidental death waivers in preparation for leaping from the bluff 400 feet above Black’s Beach, the ?ight director announces that it will be at least an hour before the wind is suf?cient to keep paragliders aloft-good time for a drink.

Winging It

How was it?
JENNA: Amazing. It was beautiful. It was less scary than I thought it would be. It made you feel super powerful, like you could control the wind. It was so easy and peaceful and calm.

What do you think of Eric?
JENNA: He’s really nice. He’s fun to hang out with.

One to 10 for looks?
JENNA: I would say he’s very good-looking, but he’s not necessarily my type. So, one to 10 for looks, I would say, for most girls, he’s probably like a nine. For me, maybe

How about personality?
JENNA: He’s very outgoing, he’s funny, so-eight.

In-Flight Entertainment

How was paragliding?
ERIC: It was good. It’s funny, I usually go on dates like that. The last date I went on, I took a girl machine-gun shooting. The one before that, indoor skydiving.

What do you think of Jenna?
ERIC: We’re having a great time. We have similar jobs and a lot of similar interests.

One to 10 for looks?
ERIC: I’d give her an eight and a half.

ERIC: Nine.

On Common Ground?

Back on earth, Jenna and Eric head to Paci?c Beach for an oceanfront dinner at World Famous. Paci?cSD calls the next morning to see what we missed.

How was World Famous?
JENNA: I had actually been there two nights in a row just about a week prior to our date and wasn’t at all bummed to be going back for thirds. We shared the ahi and brie appetizers, and they were both delicious. I had the sea bass for my entrée, which was even better.
ERIC: We had a great time-a lot of good food and good conversation. I had the steak and scallops, and it was amazing. The best dish we had was the nut-crusted brie appetizer.

Will there be a second date?
JENNA: No second date; we weren’t really compatible. Maybe we will hang out as friends.
ERIC: There wasn’t a lot of romance, but we both had a great time.

The moral of the story-sometimes it’s easier to jump off a cliff than to ?nd romance in this town. But although we had hoped for a more exciting conclusion (i.e., Jenna and Eric’s adrenaline-fueled, post-paragliding sex was caught on the limo’s hidden dashboard camera), we didn’t get one. At least the pictures are nice... another perfect photo ?nish for the Finest City record books.