Speed Dating


By David Perloff
Photos by Brevin Blach
Matchmaker/reporter: Jessica Pelligra

Not since Danica Patrick broke into the IndyCar Series has auto racing been this hot, and that’s not just because it’s 94 degrees outside downtown’s K1 Speed kart racing center. Before blind daters Stacey and Tim arrive in the Epic Limo that’s about to drop them off for a thrill ride around the indoor track, let’s review their pre-date interviews.

PacificSD: Where are you from and where do you live now?
STACEY: I’m originally from a town in the Bay Area called Pleasanton and I currently live in PB.
TIM: From a small town in Northern California called Modesto. I now own a home in South Mission Beach.

What do you do for a living?
STACEY: I’m a Project Manager at a branding and technology agency downtown.
TIM: A lot. I started out training about six years ago, launched a fitness company a year and a half ago, train clients in-person and online around the world, teach classes at Barry’s Bootcamp Monday through Friday and Sunday, am launching a fitness app in late September, and I manage and broker out property.

What kind of car do you drive?
STACEY: 2009 Nissan Sentra.
TIM: 2009 Audi A4, supercharged.

What is your dream car?
STACEY: A matte-white Bentley Continental GT - a girl can dream.
TIM: Well, funny you ask. It’s actually the next car I’m getting: Range Rover Sport supercharged, Eddie Bauer edition, with all the bells and whistles.

What do you do for fun?
STACEY: Spontaneous trips. I’m somewhat notorious for making decisions on a whim. I’m also a sucker for anything involving animals, kids, the outdoors, football and beer - strong emphasis on animals.
TIM: Anything active. Play football; basketball; snowboard; body surf; longboard on the boardwalk with my dog, Tiger Lilly; cook; travel; read; et cetera.

What are you best at?
STACEY: Being honest and making things happen.
TIM: I would say I am best at helping others.

What do you suck at?
STACEY: Choosing men, math and saying no to Netflix.
TIM: Probably not getting my way with things that I know I am definitely right about.

What are you looking for in a date, physically and/or otherwise?
STACEY: Someone with a sense of humor and who can hold a conversation. It helps if there is depth to the conversation, and they show a genuine interest in getting to know me. Tall, dark and handsome never hurts, either.
TIM: Must be healthy, happy, hard-working and have good morals.

Describe your special brand of sex appeal in five words or less.
STACEY: Sugar and spice, mostly spice.
TIM: Confident, passionate, healthy, happy, loving.

What do you like least about yourself?
STACEY: I’m incredibly impulsive. My bank account and liver hate me for it.
TIM: My lack of patience with technology.

Rate yourself on a scale from one to 10 for looks.
STACEY: Depends on how many drinks he’s had.
TIM: Nine.

Rate yourself on a scale from one to 10 for personality.
STACEY: Depends on how many drinks I’ve had.
TIM: Nine-point-five.

What’s your biggest fear?
STACEY: Snails and wrists. Don’t ask.
TIM: Failure.

What’s the most important thing in the world?
STACEY: Relationships. My family and friends mean the world to me, and I’d be entirely lost without them.
TIM: Health and happiness.

What traits could your date exhibit that would be complete deal-breakers?
STACEY: Arrogant, rude, negative or lacking ambition.
TIM: Not workout, not have a job, smoke.

Fill in the blanks: I want my blind date to be “blank” and “blank.”
STACEY: Funny and easy on the eyes.
TIM: Fit and confident.

Will the night end with a kiss, something more or something less?
STACEY: Time will tell.
TIM: Depends if she plays her cards right.

Epic Limo
858.270.LIMO (5466)

K1 Speed San Diego
1709 Main St., Downtown


Things are moving pretty fast

Stacey and Tim arrive at K1 and appear to be getting along famously as they try on helmets and buckle up for safety.

Then, it’s three... two... one... green flag! Go! Go! Go!

Tim takes an early lead and never lets it go, nearly lapping Stacey during their five-lap race. As he approaches the finish line on the final lap, he slams on the brakes and lets her take the checkered flag. For a victory lap, the couple jumps back into the limo and heads to dinner at Mezè, the hot Greek fusion restaurant and lounge in East Village. Once they’ve had a chance to talk over drinks and enjoy their appetizers, they’re split for mid-date debriefings.

PacificSD: How’s it going so far?
STACEY: It’s going great. The food is great, the atmosphere is great, and he’s great. I have no complaints.
TIM: It’s going awesome. She’s a really nice girl.

What were your first impressions?
STACEY: He’s a babe.
TIM: She was brunette, which I like. She was cool, and we hit it off right in the beginning.

Is this the type of person you would normally date?
STACEY: I don’t know enough about him yet to make that call.
TIM: Sure, yeah.

What do you think of the way your date is dressed?
STACEY: I think he should go without a shirt. I think everyone would approve of that.
TIM: She looks nice. I like the tight dress that shows off her body. You work hard for it; you might as well show it off.

How was K1 Speed?
STACEY: We had a blast, and I can’t wait to go back.
TIM: It was awesome. It was really fun to take it to the speedway.

Describe the experience in the limo.
STACEY: A tequila shot chased with Redd’s Apple Ale made for an interesting time.
TIM: It was awesome - great air conditioning on a super hot day and really nice driver.

What kind of car does your date remind you of?
STACEY: Some kind of sexy muscle car.
TIM: She would be a Pinto, because they’re understated and they don’t give a f***.

What’s the most attractive thing your date has done so far?
STACEY: He’s really passionate, especially when he talks about his dog. It’s really cute.
TIM: I think, when we first got into the car, and I asked her what she liked to do for fun, all of her answers were what I liked to do for fun, too. We really hit it off.

What’s the least attractive thing your date has done so far?
STACEY: He’s doing well.
TIM: Hmmm... I think she’s wearing too much make up. She’s really attractive and doesn’t need it.

What would your parents say if you brought her home?
STACEY: Good job.
TIM: She’s a nice girl.

How would you rate your date on a scale of 1 to 10 for looks?
STACEY: I’d say he’s a 10 for looks.
TIM: Let’s get a couple of drinks in me before I can answer this one.

And for personality?
STACEY: Nine so far.
TIM: She’s awesome. I give her a nine-point-five for personality.

Do you want to kiss your date right now?
STACEY: Maybe after I get a few more hibiscus mojitos.
TIM: Now? No.

Does your date want to kiss you?
STACEY: You would have to ask him.
TIM: Probably.

Anything else you want to say?
STACEY: This was a great time. I’m having a lot of fun.
TIM: I’m having a blast so far. She’s an awesome girl, and I think we would have a little more fun without the camera here.

Mezé Greek Fusion
345 Sixth Ave., Gaslamp


Backseat driving - well, not driving, exactly

Although the evening might be “a little more fun without the camera here,” there’s smooching at Mezè after Stacey and Tim relocate to a secluded (not counting the cameraman) area of the three-level restaurant. Looks like the flaming shrimp skillet isn’t the hottest dish in the house tonight. Opa!

After dinner, the daters jump back into the limo for the short ride to Half-Door Brewing Co. Inside, they tour the on-site brewery before ordering drinks and cuddling on the couch. Then, Tim finally gets his wish as the magazine crew leaves him and Stacey to enjoy the rest of their evening away from prying eyes (and digital proof ). The next morning, we call to see what we missed.

PacificSD: How was Mezè?
STACEY: I loved it. I’m a huge fan of Greek food, and it was my first time, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. We ended up having the upstairs to ourselves, which was really nice.
TIM: It was really cool. Great vibe, food and atmosphere.

What did you eat and drink there?
STACEY: The hibiscus mojito and pomegranate margarita were both amazing. We ate dolma and chicken. He somehow talked me into trying the Manouri and beet. I usually don’t like beets, but it was actually really good.
TIM: Pomegranate margarita, hibiscus mojito, dolma, great Mediterranean chicken and beet salad.

How was Half Door Brewing Co.?
STACEY: The vibe and décor were different than any of the other breweries I have been to, but definitely in a good way. It was unique and had a great atmosphere.
TIM: It was cool; it felt like we were in an old house. We went downstairs and saw where the beer was made.

Where did you go and what did you do for the rest of the evening after Half Door?
STACEY: We ended up at OMNIA for a little, and then we gave into some late-night Mexican food.
TIM: We went to OMNIA, then late-night Mexican food.

When did you get home?
STACEY: Sometime after that.
TIM: After that.

Was there a kiss or romantic exchange?
STACEY: He earned it.
TIM: There was a quick peck.

What was the best part of the date?
STACEY: Probably dinner. It didn’t feel like a blind date from that point on, aside from the mid-date questions and paparazzi.
TIM: The racing.

Will there be a second date?
STACEY: I hope so. I had a great time with him. He seems like he has a lot going on though, so we will see.
TIM: You never know.

AFTERMATCH: Even before last night’s adrenaline-pumping kart action began, the daters’ hearts seem already to be racing. As the night sped on, Stacey said Tim was like “some kind of sexy muscle car.” He said, “We really hit it off.” He also said, “She would be a Pinto, because they’re understated and they don’t give a f***,” which he must have meant in a good way, because he let her finish first... at K1, that is - PacificSD makes no representation for any finishing that may have transpired after OMNIA, but we’re also not buying the couple’s seemingly rehearsed and too-similar “late-night Mexican food” endings to this otherwise fast-moving blind date. Vroom!

Half Door Brewing Co.
903 Island Ave., East Village