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By David Perloff
Photos by Gabriela Lingenfelder
(Published in the October 2010 issue)

As cofounder and president of (“San Diego’s premier online lifestyle guide,” as the slogan goes), Nadav spends a lot of time at bars and restaurants. He’s one of those guys who high-fives bouncers, gets VIP bottle service and drinks like he’ll live forever.

Ivana seems most comfortable when she’s hanging out with her guy-friends, and she can hold her own with the party-all-the-time types at work. She’s a bartender at a couple places downtown, but somehow she has never met (or poured a drink) for Nadav-which is rare for bartenders in this town.

A drink-maker and someone who likes nothing more than to knock ‘em back-it’s a match made in AA heaven.

Nadav and Ivana are about to meet for the first time at Quality Social in the Gaslamp. After that, they’ll meet Zimfa the psychic, who already knows how this whole thing is going to turn out.

Let’s meets the players.

PacificSD: Where are you from?

Ivana: I’m originally from Florida. Grew up there, hit 30, all my buds were pushin’ out kids and getting hitched (in that order, mostly), so I had to get out. Moved to Vegas, had a blast for two years, got burnt out-now in downtown S.D. and lovin’ it.
Nadav: I’m from the Land of Milk and Honeys-Israel.

What do you do for a living?

Ivana: I’m your favorite bartender at Red Pearl Kitchen weekdays, and La Fiesta and Ocean Room on weekends. And I do film projects on the side. Sorry, no porn, boys.
Nadav: I work to educate people on how to have the most fun in San Diego through

Why are you going on a blind date in a magazine?

Ivana: Why not? Wouldn’t you? It’ll be fun to see who this cat is.
Nadav: Because I’m a douchy, desperate individual that can’t get a date in real life. Help!

What do you hope your date will look like?

Ivana: I hope he’s taller than a leprechaun, doesn’t wear sunglasses at night, drinks something else besides vodka- Redbulls and doesn’t think he’s tha shiiiz. Humbleness is hot.
Nadav: Pretty smile, pretty eyes and tan.

What makes you a good catch?

Ivana: I’m one of the coolest chicks you’ll ever meet-definitely one of the guys, but don’t ever ask me to a Padres game. I’m a lot of fun, funny and keep it real. And I eat meat. Yum.
Nadav: I’m not.

What’s your prediction for what will happen on date night?

Ivana: I think he’ll fall madly in love with me, and I gotta ditch him half-way through the night ‘cause he’ll get too clingy.
Nadav: I would say that, at first glance, the girl will be disappointed with me, then she will get to know me a little better and feel like there is some hope, and then she’ll be disappointed with me again.

Within moments of meeting, Ivana and Nadav order pickle-back shots (shot of whiskey with pickle-juice chaser), and then they order a couple more. They seem to be getting along well as they talk over cocktails and a few of the chef’s favorite dishes that just arrived from the kitchen.

After about an hour, Nadav and Ivana are escorted to a candlelit room at the back of Quality Social to confer with the allknowing and mostly unknown Zimfa the psychic. What Zimfa divines when he’s “in the zone” typically remains secret, but spirits are high around Halloween, so he agrees to reveal at least some.

When the couple emerges from the séance, they’re chauffeured to East Village for dinner at The Fleetwood. Right before they go inside, Nadav pulls out two pairs of sunglasses, hands one to Ivana, then reaches his into a plastic bag full of glitter and throws a handful into the air above their heads.

Inside The Fleetwood, the bar is full and dinner service is winding down in preparation for a busy night. The atmosphere feels energized but chill-not counting Nadav, who, it turns out, is armed with water guns and is now shooting his date, their server and the couple at the next table (we told them we work for the Union-Tribune).

After they ordered their entrees, the couple is split for mid-date debriefings...and to towel off.

PacificSD: How’s it going so far?
Ivana: It’s going super-good. We both like to party.
Nadav: I think it’s going pretty good. She’s a champ for putting up with my shenanigans.

Is this the type of person that you would usually date?

Ivana: No, he would be someone that I would kick it with, because I have a lot of guy friends. But I do like his style. He’s not ugly-the only problem is he’s younger than me. I’m in my 30s now, and I’m going for older.
Nadav: She’s the type of person that I would bring home to my mother, and my mother would say, “Why are you bringing her home?” And the answer would be, “Because I was drunk.”

How was Quality Social?

Ivana: Love Quality Sosh. I like the pickleback shots-you’ve gotta commit to it, but if you like pickles and Jamo [Jameson Irish Whiskey], then belly up and do it. Thank god I’m not a vegan or a vegetarian, ‘cause everything they brought was meat. But I love meat, so put a saddle on it and let me ride it out of there.
Nadav: Quality Social is always good. The meat and cheese plates are delicious. The duck wings-oh, man! I feel bad for the ducks, because I really like ducks, but, man are they F ‘em.

What did you think about the experience with the psychic?

Ivana: He knew a lot of stuff about my past. He was on the money about everything.
Nadav: I was surprised by how much the psychic knew about me that wasn’t just general BS shots in the dark.

What is the best way the date could end?

Ivana: How about a kiss, just a peck, nothing crazy, numbers exchanged but only for future reference as friends, because I don’t think it’s marriage material-and an extra 100 bucks in my purse.
Nadav: The best way the date could end would be fist-pumping at Voyeur and living happily ever after in LED-wall heaven. Oh, and spraying champagne all over each other.

What’s the worst way it could end?

Ivana: The guy gets down on one knee.
Nadav: With me holding her hair, while she prays to the porcelain god.

Rate your date’s looks on a scale from one to 10.

Ivana: Seven to eight.
Nadav: Eight.

Do you want to kiss your date right now?

Ivana: What was his name again? No, really, that’s my answer.
Nadav: I want to kiss you right now, David. can I?

Does your date want to kiss you right now?

Ivana: I think he wants to squirt me in the face with a squirt gun. And, no, I do not want to kiss him.
Nadav: I think she actually wants to kiss our waitress. I’m going to try to make that happen.

When their dinner arrives, Ivana and Nadav are finally left alone to enjoy the rest of the evening without the PacificSD crew bothering them. We tip well, head home to de-glitter and then call the next day to see how many shots we missed.

PacificSD: Overall, how was the date?

Ivana: Overall, the date was pretty fun.
Nadav: Ivana was a champ. She was super-fun. She takes the song “Shots” by LMFAO to a whole new level.

How was Fleetwood?

Ivana: It was good for a blind date. It’s not romantic, really, but not too bar-ish, either. I had the filet mignon and washed it down with a shot of Ketel. I mean, c'mon, if it was a real date, I wouldn’t be throwing ‘em back, I would’ve had wine. But since this was all for fun, and you guys want something juicy to read...line ‘em up. Little hungover today, but you’re welcome.
Nadav: Fleetwood is always good, definitely one of my favorite places to hang out to watch games, chill or dance-dance. We kicked off the action with some confetti, sunglasses at night, shooting our photographer with squirt guns and tattooing each other. I need you guys to fill this part in for me, as it’s a bit hazy-but I’m pretty sure I had the bass.

What happened after the magazine crew left you two alone?

Ivana: We went to Voyeur, had a drink and enjoyed the awesome DJ.
Nadav: That’s when things got a bit hazy. Basically, I remember cartwheeling our way down Fifth Avenue to Voyeur. We got there and the music was pumping, so we put on our shades on and let the fist-pumping begin. Of course, we went and had more shots-Ivana’s idea.

How did the date end?

Ivana: I woke up today, brushed the confetti off my head and looked to my side...he wasn’t there. That’s ‘cause we said goodbye at Voyeur, and he took a cab-too many pickle backs for him. I met some of my buddies, and we moseyed to Ivy, aka Andaz. Wait, was that my date’s name? I could never remember his name or get it right. Nasdaq?
Nadav: That’s a good question, one that I don’t have the answer to.

Will there be a second date?

Ivana: I’m sure he’s out ring-shopping today and writing his vows, but another one bites the dust for me. He will be added to my drinking-buddy list. Maybe his vows will be something along the lines of, “I vow to never go out drinking with that broad again.” Happy hangover, buddy!
Nadav: I would say that, mentally, I could do it. But physically, my body doesn’t need that kind of abuse for a while.

What costume should your date wear on Halloween?

Ivana: I’d like to see him as Mango [a Saturday Night Live character] with fairy wings, running around downtown, sprinkling his confetti everywhere.
Nadav: Definitely recommend being one of those guys from TJ that shoves a bottle of tequila down your throat from behind, blows a whistle and then charges you for it. Ivana, you are a natural.

Despite the psychic’s magical enlightenment, last night’s blind date was no fairy tale. In fact, Mother Goose just turned over in her coop (not since Peter Piper has she seen anyone so pickled), and then she laid an egg while trying to think of a word that rhymes with “Nadav.”

As the density of his liver would attest, Nadav likes to party. Last night, however, he learned the hard way not to go shot-for-shot with a professional. He got his glass handed to him by a bartender. The moral of the story: even at Halloween, just be yourself-lest your date remember you with fairy wings and pixie dust...and you don’t remember a thing.

Mind Over Grey Matter
Blind date predictions from a San Diego psychic

Legend has it he’s 700 years old. Others say he’s about 40. Folks rarely question his abilities, and he’s seldom around to provide answers.

To lure the mysterious Zimfa back from an extended hiatus (a nasty flying-carpet accident nearly ended his career), PacificSD’s interns tried everything. They rubbed magic lamps, kissed countless frogs and even looked for him on Craigslist’s adult services listings.

In the end, however, all it took was a mighty elixir (in the form of a few beers). And then, POOF!, there he was.

What’s your real name?

It’s Zimfa, which is a Sanskrit word meaning “one who’s zim is full of fa.”

Where did your powers come from?

Like most San Diegans, I’m hooked up to SDG&E.

How good are you?

I’m very good, but when I’m bad, I’m better.

What did you see in Ivana’s past?

Going in, I knew nothing. Then, I found out she was a Virgo, a sign that had a very difficult three-year period between 2007 and 2010.

What did you predict about Ivana’s future?

I don’t remember exactly what I said, because when I do my readings, I move out of the way and let the spirit do its job. Plus, I was buzzed from three beers. I do believe she’s still so shell-shocked from the last three years that she is trying to put herself in a position where she controls a situation and, in fact, needs to let go and relax and little more. She tends to put guys as either bad boys or good guys and, to be honest, some are a little bit of both. So, the pigeon-holing can prevent a relationship from happening. I believe she’s a rolling stone and will be spending a large part of her life in other countries.

Ivana’s a very deep, intelligent person who may be trying to hide that side of herself from herself-maybe because she thinks shallow people have it easier, emotionally. I think the sky is the limit for whatever she wants, as long as she’s not scared to ask for it.

What did you know about Nadav’s history?
I knew he had a great name if he ever wanted to become a smooth-jazz or new-age artist.

What can you predict about his future?

He’s the type of guy who isn’t caught up in romantic drama. If you like him, and he likes you, fine, but he’s not going to stress about it. I sense good things are going to happen with him careerwise. Romantically, he needs a woman who had brothers and is cool with guys being guys.

Nadav will be very successful financially because he’s a good listener and very savvy in business. I think he is very willing to give the other person what he thinks they want. He’s not a jerk at all, but is willing to put up the front since that’s what women like. He was very nice with Ivana.

Are Ivana and Nadav a good fit for each other?

Right now, I think they could be good friends with benefits. I do think there is a possibility they could reconnect in their 40s and be very happy.

How’s the future look for Pacific San Diego Magazine?

Very good, and it will get even better through 2013.

When will another couple get married as a result of one of our blind dates?
The couple that appears in the March 2011 issue.

It’s not quite interesting enough to note that, not counting the “I” and the “D,” the names N-A-DA-V and I-V-A-N-A are anagrams of each other. Zimfa probably knew that would happen.

Quality Social
789 Sixth Avenue, downtown

The Fleetwood
639 J Street, downtown