On the Road Again

Photos by Brevin Blach

(Published in the September 2010 issue)

Two late-model singles, aka Love Bugs, available for immediate drive-off. No major accidents, excellent condition, original owner. Designated driver assumes liability for any breakdowns. All fluids topped off. Mileage: undisclosed. Vroom!

Car Facts:

Dear PacificSD,
Hmmm...where do I begin?
I like to think I’m a pretty fun and easy-going chick. I love traveling and experiencing new things, and I’m never shy about tasting new foods or drinks. I have a pretty active lifestyle with work and friends, but I always try to find time to hang out with my family. I’m a San Diego native, and I’ve told many this, but you couldn’t pay me to leave this city. There is always something to do! I love hiking up Cowel’s Mountain, sipping cappuccinos in Little Italy, laying out in Coronado, curing a hangover with awesome Mexican breakfast in Old Town and jogging through Balboa Park. I try and drag people to come with me to do all of the dorky touristy stuff, and when I do, they never complain. I tell them about San Diego history and how this fine city was back in the day when Alonzo Horton transformed a desolated Spanish Village into what is now considered “America’s Finest City.” I am a tour guide, by the way...yup!

My ideal date would be a guy who is at least six-feet, has a job (a rare commodity, so I’ve noticed), enjoys anything having to do with culture and can plan a fun day for the both of us. I like a mama’s boy who knows how to treat a lady, but can also have fun and not take himself so seriously. My favorite thing in the whole-wide-world is to laugh so hard that tears are running down my face and my stomach starts to hurt. It’s not the cutest sight in the world, but feels sooo good! Haha! So, a man with a good sense of humor is definitely a plus! I hope this helps! Yay!!!
Talk soon, Bianca

Dear PacificSD,
I’m 30 years old, Filipino, 185 lbs. and stand 5’11’’. Most of my family lives in southern California. I came from a huge family. I was born in the Philippines. My father served for the U.S. Navy at the time, therefore we moved around a lot. Most of my life, I’ve been living here in San Diego. I’m an electrical engineer for an aerospace company. I’m very outgoing, social and family-orientated. I love to cook, eat and hangout with friends. Traveling is a must. I take advantage of the San Diego weather and do as much outdoor activities as possible. At this time of my life, I am looking for love. What I look for in a woman is a great sense of humor, intelligent, ambitious, beautiful personality, family-orientated, willing to try new things together, loves to eat, enjoy the outdoors and has a great career.

PacificSD: What makes you a good catch?
Bianca : I’m self-confident, and I believe I have a good grasp of who I am. I’m rational, open-minded, happy, passionate, and I have a good heart.
Jeff : My ethnicity-I’m half amazing, a quarter cool, and a quarter charming. Oh, and another quarter spontaneous.

Which celebrity do people say you resemble?
Bianca : Mila Kunis, Cameron Diaz.
Jeff : Every famous actor in the Philippines.

What car are you most like and how?

Bianca : I think I’m like my car; I have a Volkswagon EOS. It’s a white, hard-top convertible, nothing too fancy or expensive, but will certainly turn heads on occasion. It’s fun, small, practical and reliable.
Jeff : An Aston Martin DBS-its elegance, sleekness, style, power and charisma.

Bianca and Jeff meet for the first time at 57 Degrees, a new wine bar and wine storage facility at the foot of Mission Hills. They talk over glasses of champagne for about half an hour, then stroll the aisles of vino and check out the venue’s current art showcase.

With two wine bottles in hand, Jeff and Bianca board their 40-foot Epic Limo land yacht for the trip north to Encinitas.

A block before the onramp to the 5 North, the stretch-Cadillac Escalade pulls over, the sunroof opens, and booming DJ music emanates from within as the daters emerge, dancing, to pose for pictures. As they disappear back through the roof, the mobile nightclub pulls away from the curb and merges onto the freeway. At Encinitas Boulevard, the limo (with the magazine crew following in the chase car) exits the 5 and heads west, then follows Coast Highway 101 south to Trattoria i Trulli for dinner.

Inside the restaurant, once they’ve had a chance to open their wine and look over the menu, the couple take a pit stop for mid-date debriefings.

How’s it going so far?

Bianca : It’s going really well, I’m having a really good time. Jeff is awesome, a really fun guy. It’s kind of funny that I’ve seen him around before. It actually turns out that my best friend is his neighbor. I actually found out because he was wearing a ring that she designed. San Diego is such a small city.
Jeff : Date has been amazing so far. We definitely like each other; the vibe is good. We’re comfortable and having a good time, a lot of laughs. Bianca’s beautiful, hot. Her aura, her personality, just the way that she carries herself, you can tell that she is a very intelligent person.

How was the wine bar?

Bianca : It was really well designed and I loved the art, how they’re supporting local artists. I can’t tell you what kind of wines we got. Russ, the owner, helped us pick out some great bottles. I think Jeff switched them-the one we drank in the limo was what we were supposed to drink at dinner, but that was fine.
Jeff : The champagne and cheese were great, and we got to check out the art gallery. She loves art, and I have a couple pieces at my place, too, so we have that in common. We knew what we wanted and we were shooting for Italian wines. Also, we asked the owner for his opinion. And, of course, his selections were great. One was from Napa and the other was from Italy.

How was the limo?

Bianca : We had this huge limo just for us two, and we were able to put our iPod in and we were jamming out. It gave us a chance to really chat and figure out what we were going to do after dinner.
Jeff : Good music, and we opened the bottle of Italian wine and had great conversation. We had a blast, really-we were taking pictures and laughing. It just seemed like we were friends right away. We’ve had good chemistry so far.

Is this the type of person you’d normally date?

Bianca : No. Physically, the height is a big thing for me. Other than that, I think his personality is pretty cool. He’s really laid-back, a really nice, fun-loving guy.
Jeff : Yes, definitely. She’s Latina/Mexican/Filipino, so we both have that Spanish blood mix. She’s my type.

Rate your date, physically, on a scale from one to 10.

Bianca : I think he’s an attractive guy. I’d say an eight.
Jeff : Physically, she has an amazing body. I’d give her like a one.

Do you want to kiss your date right now?

Bianca : No.
Jeff : I’m very old-fashioned, in a way, so I do want to-her lips are amazing-but I don’t think it’s the right time.

Does your date want to kiss you?

Bianca : Probably.
Jeff : It’s hard to tell. Honestly, if she wanted to, she would have done it. I think she’s kind of holding back. She doesn’t want to mess things up, I’m assuming.

Will there be a second date?

Bianca : I don’t know if I would necessarily call it a “date,” but I could definitely see us hanging out again.
Jeff : There will be a second date. We’ve even been talking about traveling. She loves to travel, and I love to travel. Her birthday’s coming up, so we’ll see. It’s in the works.

As their fuel arrives, the daters are finally left alone to enjoy the rest of the ride at their own pace, without being photographed or otherwise pestered by the pit crew. We call the next morning to see if there were any illegal lane changes, failures to yield or other moving violations.

Overall, how was the date?

Bianca : I ended up having a really fun time. I’d put the date in my “best date” category.
Jeff : The date was a success, and we had an amazing time together. We were comfortable and there was no awkwardness at all. The art gallery, wine bottles, limo rides, dancing and food were perfect.

How was Trattoria i Trulli?

Bianca : The restaurant was quaint and felt very Italian. It was crowded, which made it seem like a favorite pick amongst the locals. Thanks to 57 Degrees, we brought our own dinner wine. Jeff and I shared the Caprese Salad to start, the Salmone Tirreno with artichoke hearts and mushrooms, the Filetto Gorgonzola (a filet with brandy mushroom sauce and gorgonzola cheese), and this ice cream dessert. Everything was phenomenal.
Jeff : I loved it; friendly staff. First time there, and I felt like I was in Italy. It was very romantic, great architecture, and the vibe was very relaxing. I devoured a Caprese salad and Tournedos al Barolo. We brought in an amazing $95 bottle of red wine that was given to us from 57 Degrees.

What was the best part of the date?

Bianca : It’s hard to say, but I really liked picking out the wine with Russ and some regulars of 57 Degrees. I also had a great time in the limo, dancing and singing at the top of my lungs.
Jeff : When she said, “I feel kind of wasted,” over dinner. Then, two minutes later, she dropped and broke her glass of water on the table, and water spilled all over my...situation. Then we high-fived and laughed hysterically.

What’s the sexiest thing your date did during the date?

Bianca : I really liked his outfit. You can tell he has a nice body because his button-down shirt was opened at the top, and he was wearing a long necklace that went into the shirt. I couldn’t tell what it was, but it kept me guessing and wanting to see more.
Jeff : We were dancing on the dance floor, and I noticed her staring at the hot go-go dancer for a long time.

What’s the most unattractive thing your date did?

Bianca : He told me exactly how much cash he had on him, not in a tool-ish way, but I don’t think that should be disclosed on a first date.
Jeff : She had brochures in her purse and gave them to a business owner and myself later that night. It looked like she was promoting her business during our date.

What happened after the magazine crew left you two alone?

Bianca : We were having so much fun that we decided to have the limo drop us off at Fluxx. We dropped off the remainder of the wine at Jeff’s house, picked up a couple of his neighbors and rolled up to the club. We drank more, danced like maniacs and managed to get Mexican food before heading our separate ways.
Jeff : We talked more, discussed where to go dancing after dinner, then realized we almost had two bottles of wine. We danced the night away at Fluxx nightclub and closed it down, then ate Mexican food afterwards.

Was there a kiss or romantic moment? Describe.

Bianca : No.
Jeff : Just kisses on the cheeks. I’m not easy.

What kind of car does your date remind you of?

Bianca : A BMW Z4, because it’s fast and luxurious, you don’t see them too much, and it almost has a smile as big as Jeff’s when you look at it from the front.
Jeff : She reminds me of a Mercedes Benz E-class. The “E” stands for exotic, like her eyes. This car is very well dressed and put together, like her hair, outfit and heels. A very expensive car, she’s very ambitious and successful at a young age.

Would you want to ride that vehicle?

Bianca : I would love to ride in the passenger’s seat with my head sticking out the convertible top going about 120 miles an hour, one hand on the windshield and the other in the air, because it’s fun.
Jeff : “So gimme that toot-toot and let me hear that beep-beep, runnin’ her hands thru my ‘fro, bouncing on 24s...” [lyrics from “Ignition,” by R. Kelly]

Romance can rev up your heart or leave you just idling by. Last night’s blind date was a gentle ride, but the pit crew had been hoping for racier action, like a crash course in embarrassment, some sort of blowout, maybe even a ding in the bumper.* Instead, we got courteous driving and a safe night out-and of course late-night tacos. This is San Diego, after all.

Date safely, friends and lovers. Buckle-up, use the buddy system, grab the wheel and floor it.

*Mom, ask someone else what that might mean


Epic Limo Bus, for making every ride ridiculously delicious, 858.270.LIMO (5466)

57 Degrees, for being not too hot and not too cold, but just right
1735 Hancock Street, Mission Hills, 619.234.5757

Trattoria i Trulli, for piatti caldi (hot food), warm people and a cool dinner
830 South Coast Highway 101, Encinitas, 760.943.6800