San Diego model to star in new astrological matchmaking series ‘Cosmic Love’

Phoebe Davis, of San Diego, with her "Cosmic Love" castmates. From left, Noel Allen, Davis, Connor Shennan, Maria Rodriguez.
Phoebe Davis, of San Diego, with her “Cosmic Love” castmates. From left, Noel Allen, Davis, Connor Shennan, Maria Rodriguez.
(Amazon Studios)

Phoebe Davis co-stars in a new Amazon Prime dating series, ‘Cosmic Love,’ based on astrology


Can the AstroTwins help San Diego swimsuit model Phoebe Davis find cosmic love?

Tomorrow, a new type of dating reality TV show debuts on Amazon Prime — if you thought there could be another format. This one takes the old ice-breaker cliché of “What’s your sign?” to a new higher level, so to speak.

And one of the four “stars” of “Cosmic Love” is Phoebe Davis, 29, who lives in San Diego.

She is a Leo, the lioness of the show who represents fire, one of the four key elements.

The birth signs of her three TV colleagues represent earth, water and air.

Guiding these four astrological adventurers as they mingle, match and date 16 contestants and potential soulmates are the AstroTwins, Ophira and Tali Edut, identical twin sisters born in Detroit, who create and revise the astrological charts to advise the singles as their planetary lineup shifts.

There also is the all-knowing bodiless voice of the Astro Chamber, the contestants’ mystical guide.

In real life, Davis is a digital marketing specialist and fitness competitor. She is also a model who recently appeared in bikini fashion shows for L.A. Swim Week and Miami Swim Week.

"Cosmic Love" dating show contestant Caleb McDonnell, a Pisces, explores his romantic connection to Phoebe Davis, a Leo.
“Cosmic Love” dating show contestant Caleb McDonnell, a Pisces, explores his romantic connection to Phoebe Davis, a Leo.
(Amazon Studios)

So how did Davis get into the sphere of “Cosmic Love?”

She put her resumé out on the Hollywood reality show circuit a few years ago. When she was contacted unexpectedly by “Cosmic Love” talent scouts, she was psyched and ready to give the unusual format a go.

Her parents, who live in Spokane, Wash., where Davis grew up, were amused about the premise but ready to support her astrological journey.

Davis has had her share of déjà vu moments but no out-of-body experiences, and she doesn’t consider herself psychic. Too often, she says, people confuse psychic fortune telling with astrological chart analysis, which has a scientific basis.

Nevertheless, the closest she comes to astrology is reading her daily horoscope online.

“Cosmic Love” producers shot 10 episodes last fall in Santa Monica. They will be available for binge streaming beginning Friday. Davis is heading to New York City for a watch party.

This departure from the usual reality dating show format is characterized by Amazon Studios producers as a “one-of-a-kind social experiment.”

They say the show will be broadcast in more than 240 countries and territories. In fact, the word is that a French version of the series is in the works.

For Davis, it taught her a lot about herself. “I went into it with an open mind and little expectation. I just immersed myself in the experience. Everything was a surprise in the best way,” she says.

She formed a strong bond with the other three main contestants and the AstroTwins and plans to stay in touch.

While natural chemistry can’t 100 percent be determined by astrology, she is convinced an understanding of astrology can nurture a relationship and give a couple a better understanding of each other.

Davis always has been independent and self-assured, in keeping with a true Leo. However, she discovered she has a lot of Pisces, a water sign, in her chart, which signifies a more sentimental side.

She has come a long way since her vulnerable teenage days when she was bullied throughout school and college for being overweight.

“I was always the funny, fat friend who provided entertainment to everyone,” she says. Her highest weight was 165 pounds, and she is 5 feet, 9 inches tall, which did not make her obese, but uncomfortable about her body.

It wasn’t until one of her best friends, a college football player and track athlete, suggested that she would be a lot “hotter” if she lost some weight, that she vowed to change her lifestyle.

“I didn’t want to feel insecure anymore. I didn’t want to be the funny, fat friend.”

Davis joined a gym and later hired a body building coach to intensify her workouts. She also began following a strict diet. She lost 50 pounds over time and, in 2019, entered her first bikini fitness competition.

Now she wants to inspire others to realize their potential. “I really want to empower women to take the reins. The only thing that stands in our way 99 percent of the time is ourselves and our mindset.”

She posts about her own personal fitness journey on Instagram and TikTok using her @FlexingPhoebs brand — flexing mind, body and soul. “I love being able to use my platform to help other women transform their lives,” she says.

She hopes “Cosmic Love” will take off and lead to more stardom but, in true Leo fashion, she is not twiddling her thumbs. She is searching for a modeling agent.

And she is continuing to stay tuned in to her astrology signs, consulting online apps, including “The Pattern,” to track changes in her chart.

Now when she asks someone, “What is your sign?,” she has more than a casual interest because she understands the astro science behind it.

Of course, she can’t divulge whether she found true love on the series, but she can say the experience helped her get more in touch with herself. “People who know me will see a whole different side of me when they watch the show.”

Admittedly, she joined the cast with doubts, but she came out with a changed attitude.

“Whatever kind of ideas or opinions you might have about astrology, throw them out the window and go into it with a fresh pair of eyes. Just be open to learning about it.” But first, she cautions, learn about yourself before diving into another person’s chart.

“That’s when it will click for you.”