What we’re obsessed with right now: ‘You’re Wrong About’

A screenshot of Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall's "You're Wrong About" podcast.
(Sara Butler)

San Diego Union-Tribune editors and writers share what they’re currently obsessing over.

What I’m obsessed with: “You’re Wrong About,” a podcast hosted by journalists Michael (Mike) Hobbes and Sarah Marshall.

Why? “You’re Wrong About” is a podcast where hosts explain, well, what you’ve been wrong about. The duo debunks myths that have pervaded society’s imagination for decades, from the McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case to the Jonestown Massacre. For each episode, either Hobbes or Marshall thoroughly research these phenomena and then share their findings to the other. Did Yoko Ono really break up The Beatles? Was the Y2K bug as big of a threat at the media presented it? Is there any truth in the Wayfair human trafficking conspiracy theory? With nearly 150 episodes in the archive, there’s no shortage of misconceptions to unpack.

Not you, but we: Despite the name, the show isn’t demeaning or condescending — it’s not meant to point the finger and make you feel like an idiot for being wrong. The episodes are less of a lecture and more like a dinner conversation, where Hobbes and Marshall dive into intriguing conversations (which naturally includes lots of tangents). They fully acknowledge their own misconceptions up front, and you often hear them realizing the truth in real time. Ultimately, the show focuses on what we’ve all been wrong about.

How to listen: I’m not a purist; if a title doesn’t look like my cup of tea, I skip it. Part of the show’s appeal is its self-containment — while past episodes are sometimes referenced, they aren’t usually required listening. The show’s format alternates between one-off episodes and multiple-part series, often reserved for messy misconceptions (like the life and death of Princess Diana). And while most topics are not revisited, the running joke is their ongoing obsession with the O.J. Simpson case, which they have recorded more than a dozen conversations about.

A book club you can commit to: Want to join a book club where you don’t have to lie about reading the book? During the pandemic, Hobbes and Marshall started Quarantine Book Club, a recurring series where they take turns reading books and presenting the SparkNotes version. My personal favorite is the four-part saga discussing Jessica Simpson’s “Open Book” — I’m not a fan of celebrity memoirs, but Hobbes’ retelling was so engaging and heartbreaking that it converted me into a Simpson stan.

End of an era: Last month, Hobbes announced he is leaving the show to pursue other projects, including his other podcast “Maintenance Phase.” Despite Hobbes’ departure, the show will go on with Marshall accompanied by guest hosts. While I’m glad it’s continuing — and Marshall is secretly my favorite host — the two have an on-air chemistry that will be hard to replace. Luckily, I still have more than a hundred unplayed episodes to catch up on ... and with each clocking in at more than an hour, looks like I’ll still be obsessed with this podcast for a long time.

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