What we’re obsessed with right now: ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Former White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, on "Dancing With the Stars."
This Sept. 30, 2019 photo released by ABC shows former White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, left, and Lindsay Arnold during the celebrity dance competition series “Dancing With the Stars,” in Los Angeles.

San Diego Union-Tribune editors and writers share what they’re currently obsessing over.

What I’m obsessed with: At this point, after having been on the air for a whopping 30 seasons, there’s nothing very new about “Dancing with the Stars.” But that’s fine by me, because one of the things I love about the show is that it almost never changes. I find that so comforting. When the world feels like it’s spinning off its axis, that mirror ball trophy just keeps spinning, waiting for someone who was famous a decade ago to grab it in victory.

The ABC reality competition show has been on the air since 2005, and while I haven’t watched it faithfully every season, I like to at least dip in for a bit. I’m always excited when they announce the new cast, mostly because I love complaining about the show’s casting choices the way judge Len Goodman complains about illegal dance lifts.

Why?: It’s hard for me to even put into words the ways I love this show. It’s because of its charming, old-school sensibilities, its loose definition of the word “stars,” the way the show takes itself and ballroom dancing with celebrities extremely seriously. It reminds me of an old network variety show, the kind where they’d pull stars from all their primetime shows and make them perform skits together.

More things I love: I love the theme nights (“Britney Night,” which aired on Oct. 4, gave me life), the costumes, the sets, the pro dancers, the music that often sounds like it was pulled from the latest “Kidz Bop” album. I love the behind-the-scenes romances, the on-set gossip about which pro can’t stand their celebrity. I love the variety of stars the show books, from aging athletes to former reality stars to disgraced politicians to YouTube beauty bloggers who are just trying to make a comeback following a career-crushing scandal (hello, Olivia Jade). Everyone is welcome in the ballroom.

A woman and a man dancing on a stage
Olivia Jade on “Dancing with the Stars.”
(Eric McCandless/ABC)

Win-win: The one I don’t care about on “Dancing with the Stars” is the actual judging. I know it’s a competition, but that’s not what I’m here for. I always skip through the judging portions, and even though I’ve watched the show for years, I’ve never once voted and I probably never will. I don’t care who wins or loses! I care about Jennifer Grey killing it on her jive or James Van Der Beek performing a flawless paso doble while dressed as a pirate. This is the beauty of “Dancing with the Stars” — and I hope it never changes.

Dancing with the Stars’ is currently airing Monday nights on ABC.