What we’re obsessed with right now: Scott Patterson’s ‘Gilmore Girls’ podcast

A screenshot of Scott Patterson's "I Am All In" podcast.
(Nina Garin)

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What I’m obsessed with: “I Am All In With Scott Patterson,” a podcast that recaps episodes of the TV show, “Gilmore Girls.”

Why? “Gilmore Girls” is my comfort show — I watch it when I can’t sleep, when I’m sad, when I’m sick, and even when I’m happy. I’ve watched every episode at least five times, but probably more. Because I’m already a fan of recap podcasts (hello, “Office Ladies”), “I Am All In” seems like it was created specifically for me.

Tell me more: The premise is that Scott Patterson, the actor who played universally beloved “Gilmore Girls” diner owner, Luke Danes, never actually watched the show when it originally aired on TV from 2000 to 2007. So now he’s watching the series for the first time and recapping from his perspective.

A love/hate situation: Patterson is great as Luke, but he’s not the most polished podcaster. He talks about scenes without context. He obsesses over strange things, like how much his romantic rival, Max Medina (Scott Cohen), touches Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham). He frets about his acting choices. Patterson’s interviews with former cast and crew members sometimes go so long that he doesn’t even do the show recap. “I Am All In” is actually so frustrating that I’ve developed an intense love/hate relationship with it.

Wait, so is this a recommendation? If you like “Gilmore Girls,” you actually learn a lot of unique behind-the-scenes information. Some actors, for example, relied heavily on the set’s dialect coach to help break down creator Amy Sherman-Palladino‘s dense and fast-paced dialogue. And because the podcase is so casual, you get interviews and points-of-view that are revealing and genuine.

Team Jess: “Gilmore Girls” fans hotly debate which one of Rory Gilmore’s boyfriends was the best: Dean, Jess or Logan. Because Patterson played Jess’ (Milo Ventimiglia) uncle, the podcast skews pro Team Jess, and that’s just fine by me.

(“I Am All In With Scott Patterson” is an iHeartMedia podcast and is available on various podcast platforms.)