Escape inside a Wes Anderson movie thanks to @accidentallywesanderson

Pink cabins and a mint green Volkswagen bus
These Oceanside cabins accidentally look like they’re from a Wes Anderson movie.
(paulfuentes_photo / Little, Brown and Company)

With much of the arts moving to online and streaming platforms, here’s a look at a weekly standout:

My pick: “Accidentally Wes Anderson” and @accidentallywesanderson

Why: There are no accidents in a Wes Anderson movie.

The director’s films, like “The Royal Tenenbaums” and “Moonrise Kingdom,” are so impeccably styled — everything from the wallpaper to the clothes are deliberately picked and placed just so.

But in real life, there are accidents. Like, if a mint green Volkswagen bus just happens to be parked in front of light pink beach cottages in Oceanside, you suddenly have a scene that looks like it’s straight out one of his movies.

This boathouse from the book "Accidentally Wes Anderson."
This boathouse looks like it’s from one of Wes Anderson’s movies, but it’s real and part of the book “Accidentally Wes Anderson.”
(Little, Brown and Company)

This phenomenon actually happens so often that there’s an Instagram account devoted to these happy coincidences: @accidentallywesanderson.

The Instagram page is a quirky landscape of colors, architecture and history. Fans of the page, known as “Adventurers” submit photos — like a triangular hut in Kilimanjaro, or striped orange and white beach chairs in Italy — and along with the image, you also get a short history about Kilimanjaro mountaineering or vacationing on Lake Como.

A tram in Lisbon is part of the book, "Accidentally Wes Anderson."
(@jackspiceradams / Little, Brown and Company)

The account is so popular (over 1 million followers) that it’s being turned into a book by site founder Wally Koval,and it features an introduction by Anderson, himself. Included in the book is the aforementioned photo from Oceanside alongside images of international hotels, railways and community centers.

And in this time — when travel is limited, and movie releases, including Anderson’s own “The French Dispatch” are indefinitely postponed — it’s a small pleasure to escape for a few minutes into this fantastical, stylized version of the world.

Find it: Find photos on Instagram at @accidentallywesanderson. The book version, “Accidentally Wes Anderson,” will be released on Oct. 20 and can be purchased via online booksellers.