My home office: Olia Majd

Olia Majd's home office.

Name: Olia Majd

Occupation: Majd is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger and influencer at She’s also a licensed esthetician and the founder of the O Cosmétiques skincare line.

Back story: The half-Persian, half-French Majd was born in Florida, but she’s lived in San Diego since she was a young child and has no plans on leaving. “Haven’t wanted to live anywhere else,” she says. She bought her La Mesa home two years ago, and she lives there with her two “co-workers” (her dogs, a Yorkshire Terrier named Merlot and a Australian Cattle Dog mix named Grayson).

How she makes it work from home: “Because I live and have the luxury of working from home, my goal was always to make [it] stylish yet functional,” Majd explains. “I converted one bedroom into my home office, which includes my desk and computer workspace, two loveseats, plenty of storage solutions and, of course, a little dog bed. I would say the main challenge that comes with working from home is that I have constant distractions (doorbell ringing, packages dropped off, dogs barking, television nearby), so it takes a lot of self-discipline to really hunker down and get to work. But honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.” For more of Majd’s WFH tips, click here.

Majd’s home office aesthetic matches her personal aesthetic: think light, airy colors, clean lines and simple minimalism with thoughtful details. Majd says, for the most part, she keeps her office the same year-round, but once the stay-at-home order came, she worked hard to finalize her home office space. “I usually won’t change up the big pieces too often, but from time to time, I’ll update decor items like plants or wall decor to freshen up the space. It’s extremely easy to freshen up a space just by rearranging your desk and adding new items.”

Olia Majd's work-from-home setup.

It’s all in the details: “My home office includes a spacious desk with my computer. I also have two loveseats for when I just want to get cozy and relax or even sometimes curl up with my laptop. It’s also nice when I have guests over that they have a place to sit that is comfortable in my office. Other than this, I kept it relatively simple with a simple rug and vertical storage baskets to store a lot of incoming PR product that I get. I absolutely cannot work in clutter, so everything has to have a place and must be put away, or else I feel a sense of chaos. Storage baskets are a stylish yet functional solution to the product I get sent regularly.” Majd says most of her items, including her desk, office chair, loveseats and side table were purchased at West Elm.

A window to the world: Majd’s desk is directly in front of a large window that looks out onto her yard. She chose this spot specifically because of that. “I loved that it had a very large window facing the front of my yard, where there is tons of greenery. [It] is peaceful and I knew I wanted to overlook that area while I worked.” She continues: “I am very much so the type of person who lives for natural light. One of the main reasons I purchased this home was because of the amount of windows/doors and natural light it had. I wanted my desk in this room to be centered and facing the window because I knew that’s where my creativity would spark most. I also love that while I’m working, I can keep an eye on what’s going on outside. It’s super peaceful as well.”

For more about Majd, visit or follow her on social (@loveolia on Facebook, @oliamajd on Instagram/Twitter and @loveoliablog on YouTube).