‘Pride and Prejudice’ and Instagram

Bennett family group chat
(Claire McGowan)

With much of the arts moving to online and streaming platforms, here’s a look at an off-the-radar highlight:

My pick: @inkstainsclaire is Claire McGowan, an Irish author who — together with her friend Sarah Day — retells “Pride and Prejudice” using social media platforms.

Why: Imagine what it would be like if the Bennet sisters had Facebook, What’s App, Google and even Reddit to help them on their journey to find eligible husbands?

McGowan and Day cleverly recreate Jane Austen’s classic story using devices like Facebook check-ins, Instagram travel photos and even hashtags to chronicle the love story between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, as well as all the drama between Mr. Wickham and (spoiler alert) Lydia Bennet.

Obviously, the more familiar you are with the book, the more humor you’ll find in the posts. But newbies will be able to follow along and get an idea for all the high society shenanigans that go on in the story.

For example, you really learn everything you need to know from Lady Catherine de Bourgh’s Twitter feed (verified account, of course): “Young ladies of not one and twenty should not give their opinions most decidedly in company. #praywhatisyourage #gowntheory.”

Or what poor Charlotte Lucas’ marriage to Mr. Collins is really all about thanks to her hashtags: #comfortablehome #notromanticneverwas.

You also get a lot of plot and character development by reading the various comments posted by the characters along the way.

There are about 40 photos in the post, each one filled with all the pomp and circumstance you’d expect, but also with a few swear words and modern-day humor to make this a treat for anyone who loves Austen.

Find it: Find it via @inkstainsclaire on Twitter or on