Streaming arts pick: “Clementine”

Sydney Sweeney (left) and Otmara Marrero star in "Clementine."
Sydney Sweeney (left) and Otmara Marrero star in “Clementine.”
(Courtesy photo)

With much of the arts moving to online and streaming platforms, here’s a look at an off-the-radar highlight:

My pick: “Clementine,” an indie film written and directed by Lara Jean Gallagher.

Why: One thing I really miss during quarantine is the movie theater experience: the popcorn, the previews, the conversations in the car afterward.

Though it’s not totally the same, Digital Gym Cinema has continued to release its usual fare of independent films, documentaries and foreign cinema that you can watch from home.

It continues this week with “Clementine,” a stylish, slow-moving film about female friendship, sexuality and loss.

Part thriller, part coming-of-age story, the story follows Karen, 29-year-old woman who flees to the Pacific Northwest after a devastating breakup. There she meets and becomes entangled with the mysterious, much younger Lana.

Because the movie is made by first-time director Gallagher, and isn’t told from a male perspective, you get more of a languid character piece than fast-moving erotic thriller. There are lingering shots of nature and camera shots that go on longer than expected .... think more Jane Campion than Adrian Lyne.

It’s the kind of movie made to be watched in a movie theater, where you’re not distracted by other screens or family members or pets. So I’ll use it as an excuse to recreate my own home theater: dark room, no cell phones and no talking. Unfortunately, the popcorn won’t be as good.

Find it: “Clementine” screens this week via, access to the link is $12.