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January art events, gallery + exhibit openings

Art events in January around San Diego include Gone Bananas, OMA Artist Alliance Annual Member Show, Hunt Slonem: A Midsummer Night’s Dream and more.

1.3-2.29: Molly Paulick

Using aerial landscape photography and local plant life, artist Molly Paulick creates acrylic collage paintings to demonstrate the micro and macro perspectives of what she sees to explore how healing it can be to pay attention “in a world full of distraction.” Her work is joined by a number of artists whose work is on display at The Studio Door through February.

@ The Studio Door,

Molly Paulick Reach.jpg
Reach by Molly Paulick

1.3-31: “Gone Bananas”

Slip into the whimsical nature of artist June Rubin’s latest works, featuring bananas, like Banana Trail Direct Line to My Heart, a mixed media work with watercolor bananas, a banana with diamonds, a broken heart in silver, peace symbol stickers, and an invitation for the viewer to put all the clues together to figure out the message.

@ June Rubin Studio/Gallery,

Banana Space.jpg
Banana Space by June Rubin

1.4-25: ArtHatch Presents Ninth Annual Art-A-Thon

It’s an annual marathon of artistic inspiration and creation to benefit ArtHatch’s free art education programs for teens, with completed artwork being auctioned off, starting at $50. Art lovers can witness artists in their element, watch them navigate their creative process, and get a look at finished works in real time. The pieces will remain on display through Jan. 25.


@ Distinction Gallery,

1.11-3.29: “Contemporary California Sculpture”

Sparks Gallery collaborates once again with the National Sculpture Society for a show that features works by sculptors in Southern California and the San Francisco area. The subjects and material vary but each artist will showcase a three-dimensional piece with a contemporary twist.

@ Sparks Gallery,

Mary Buckman - Late-Bloomer-A.jpg
Late Bloomer by Mary Buckman

1.11-2.7: OMA Artist Alliance Annual Member Show

New Year, new artwork, anyone? The talented artists in the Oceanside Museum of Art’s Artist Alliance are bringing some of their best (and most affordable) pieces to Ashton Gallery. Find some local art to take home and class up the place.

@ Ashton Gallery,

Susan Coppock Dr. Seuss Tree.jpg
Dr. Seuss Tree by Susan Coppock

1.11-2.15: “The Tonic of Wildness”

From studying chemical engineering to art history, photographer Marie Tartar presents her underwater photography alongside the work of ethical wildlife and landscape photographer Trai Anfield and her terrestrial and wildlife work in this two-woman show. (Tartar will walk art lovers through her work on Jan. 18 at the Escondido gallery.)


@ Photographer’s Eye Collective,

Marie Tartar - Spiky.jpg
Spiky by Marie Tartar

1.11-3.8: “Endangered: Exploring California’s Changing Ecosystems with coinciding Finding Heaven in Hellhole Canyon”

Both the beauty and destruction of local flora and fauna in our region is the focus of the artwork in Endangered, while the glory of open space in Valley Center’s Hellhole Canyon is depicted artistically in Finding Heaven.

@ California Center for the Arts, Escondido,

Kim Abeles, Valise 1 - Fire Line, 2018, Mixed Media.jpg
Valise 1 — Fire Line by Kim Abeles
(Ken Marchionno )

1.18-3.20: “Hunt Slonem: A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

With his neo-expressionist style, artist Hunt Slonem draws inspiration from nature (and his own pet birds), along with historic personalities and architecture in his A Midsummer Night’s Dream exhibition at the Solana Beach gallery.

@ Madison Gallery,

1.25-3.21: “Chiachio and Giannone”

Artists Leo Chiachio and Daniel Giannone live and work together as partners in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The trained painters now use threads and fabric as their medium to create textile mosaics that celebrate a new form of the family portrait, drawing from their own life together and referencing LGBT artists and their legacy in Latin America.


@ Lux Art Institute,

La selva de Constantin.jpg
La Selva De Constantin by Chiachio & Giannone

Through 1.18: “Anne Mudge: Flexus”

Artist Anne Mudge (who won the San Diego Art Prize in 2018) has a new exhibition of work on display featuring quartz beads and stainless steel wire, repeating over and over in some of her pieces until finding the balance she seeks.

@ Quint Gallery,

Cell Split by Anne Mudge

Through 1.18: “Kelsey Brookes: Perception and Hallucination”

Inspired by his own experiences with insight meditation and questioning his existence each morning, artist Kelsey Brookes presents this exhibition featuring his veil paintings, along with paintings from his Form Constants series, based on a concept developed by psychologist Heinrich Kluver, who studied the recurring patterns people experienced in altered states of consciousness.

@ Quint Gallery,

Veil (Orange to Yellow) by Kelsey Brookes
(Philipp Scholz Rittermann)

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