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December comedy stand-up roundup: from Nick Offerman to Lisa Alvarado

Funny people headed to San Diego this month include Sinbad, Adam Carolla, Jay & Silent Bob, HaHa Davis, Alycia Cooper and Doug Benson.

11.29-12.1: Sinbad

Known for: Bold outfits, classic jokes, so many TV roles

@ The Comedy Store,

A photo of Sinbad
(Ian White/Comedy Central)

11.29-12.1: Colin Kane

Known for: In-your-face comedy, crowd work


@ The American Comedy Co.,

A photo of Colin Kane
Colin Kane
(Courtesy photo)

12.1: Adam Carolla

Known for: Podcasts, The Man Show, free speech advocate

@ Belly Up Tavern,


A photo of “Adam Carolla and Friends Build Stuff Live” on SPIKE.
Adam Carolla

11.29-12.1: Amir Kabiri

Known for: Observational humor, stories about growing up in the South as “the only Middle Eastern kid in school”

@ Pechanga Resort Casino,

A photo of Amir Kabiri
Amir Kabiri
(Courtesy photo)

12.4: Jay & Silent Bob Reboot Roadshow

Known for: Clerks, being stoned

@ Balboa Theatre,

A photo of Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith, who are Jay & Silent Bob
Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith, who are Jay & Silent Bob
(Darren Michaels/Weinstein Company)

12.5-7: Jeremy Piven

Known for: Entourage, recent pivot to standup


@ The American Comedy Co.,

A photo of Jeremy Piven
Jeremy Piven
(Kirk McKoy/Los Angeles Times)

12.6: Regan and Watkins

Known for: “Saxophone rock ‘n’ roll comedy,” YouTube sketches

@ The Comedy Palace,

A photo of Regan and Watkins
Regan and Watkins
(Courtesy photo)

12.6-8: Alonzo Bodden

Known for: Winning the third season of NBC’s Last Comic Standing, heavy topics with lighthearted delivery

@ The Comedy Store,

A photo of Alonzo Bodden
Alonzo Bodden
(Courtesy photo)

12.7: Lisa Alvarado

Known for: Being the self-proclaimed “Latin Queen of Comedy,” Mis Videos Locos with Paul Rodriguez

@ The Comedy Palace,

A photo of Lisa Alvarado
Lisa Alvarado
(Courtesy photo)

12.12-13: HaHa Davis

Known for: Vine and Instagram videos, rapping as his alter ego, Mr. Big Fella

@ The American Comedy Co.,

A photo of HaHa Davis
HaHa Davis
(Courtesy photo)

12.13: Ian Edwards

“Trump is our president. People are upset, there’s marches … kids are marching, women are marching, everybody is marching. There’s going to be so many marches that by the time he’s done being president, the entire country is going to be in great shape. He might not fix the economy, but everybody’s gonna have amazing calves.” – from Comedy Central’s The New Negroes

@ The Comedy Palace,

A photo of Ian Edwards
Ian Edwards
(Troy Conrad)

12.13-15: Alycia Cooper

Known for: Cultural and political commentary, Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse

@ The Comedy Store,

A photo of Alycia Cooper
Alycia Cooper
(Courtesy photo)

12.14: Nick Offerman

“If you want to get with a lady of a higher quality, start throwing around the color ‘taupe.’ It’s quite magical.” — Nick Offerman on American Ham

@ Balboa Theatre,

A photo of Nick Offerman
Nick Offerman
(Jay L. Clendenin/Los Angeles Times)

12.19-21: Jessimae Peluso

“My mom, she’s just so worried about things, you know. She tells me,’'Don’t talk to strangers! Don’t talk to strangers!’ I’m like, ‘Mom, I’m 27 years old. I don’t talk to strangers; I sleep with them.” — Jessimae Peluso at the Broadway Comedy Club

@ The American Comedy Co.,

A photo of Jessimae Peluso
Jessimae Peluso
(Courtesy photo)

12.19-21: Brendan Schaub

Known for: Being a former professional MMA fighter, self-deprecating humor

@ The Comedy Store,

A photo of Brendan Schaub on Showtime
Brendan Schaub

12.20-21: Dallas McLaughlin

Known for: Yo Gabba Gabba!, loving San Diego sports teams

@ The Comedy Palace,

A photo of Dallas McLaughlin
Dallas McLaughlin
(Courtesy photo)

12.20-21: Heather McMahan

Known for: Instagram videos, relatable jokes

@ The Magnolia,

A photo of Heather McMaham
Heather McMaham

12.21 & 23: Doug Benson

“I’ve never eaten at a Fogo de Chao, but it is a fun thing to say when sneezing.” — Doug Benson on Twitter

@ The American Comedy Co.,

A photo of Doug Benson
Doug Benson
(Courtesy photo)

12.27: Rick Izquieta

Known for: Funny or Die sketches, cultural observations

@ The Comedy Palace,

A photo of Rick Izquieta
Rick Izquieta
(Courtesy photo)

12.27-29 and 12.31: Pablo Francisco

Known for: MADtv, “jazz riff” comedy

@ The American Comedy Co.,

A photo of Pablo Francisco
Pablo Francisco
(Courtesy photo)

12.27-31: Steve Treviño

Known for: Being “America’s favorite husband,” Mind of Mencia

@ The Comedy Store,

A photo of Steve Trevino
Steve Trevino
(Elesha Barnette)

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