Cooler weather and a touch of rain on the way to San Diego County

Forecasters say light rain will fall late Saturday night and early Sunday morning
(K.C. Alfred)

Forecasters say ‘sweater weather’ will return by Saturday


The weather will take on a more seasonal feel this weekend as a low-pressure system drops into Southern California and brings lower temperatures and the first touch of rain San Diego has received since June.

San Diego’s daytime high on Wednesday was 74, about average for Oct. 21. It should fall to 73 on Thursday, 72 on Friday, 71 on Saturday and 68 on Sunday, according to the National Weather Service.

There will be a similar temperature slide in Escondido, which hit 78 on Wednesday, and should drop to 76 on Thursday, 75 on Friday, 74 on Saturday and 68 on Sunday.

Forecasters say the drop will be heavily influenced by the marine layer, which will drift farther inland through the rest of the week. It appears that 0.10 inches to 0.20 inches of rain could fall at and near the coast late Saturday and early Sunday and 0.30 inches on mountain slopes.

The last measurable rain in San Diego was the 0.08 inches of precipitation that fell on June 29. Since January 1, San Diego International Airport has recorded 6.47 inches of rain, which is 3.17 inches below normal.

But recent temperatures have been way above average. To date, the average October temperature for San Diego is nearly 74 degrees, more than 6 degrees above the daily average so far this month.

Forecasters say the weather will turn warm again early next week, and that weak to moderate Santa Ana winds could arrive on Tuesday.